Position Papers, Resolutions and Motions


OPHA’s advocacy priorities for 2022-23 Active 2023-8


OPHA ‘What we heard paper’ Active 2022-5


Informed Decision Making for Labour and Birth v.2.0 (2018) Active 2018-9 (PP)


Resolution OPHA Expanding Membership Category ‘Public health Supporter,’ For Non-Public Health Organizations Active 2017-11
Resolution on OPHA’s Response to the Truth and Reconciliation’s Calls to Action Active 2017-11
The Public Health Implications of the Legalization of Recreational Cannabis Active 2017-5 PP


Informed Decision-Making for Labour and Birth Active 2016-11 PP
Investing in Health-Promoting Infrastructure Active 2016-6 PP
A Health Equity Action Plan for the Ontario Public Health Association Active 2016-4


Basic Income Guarantee: Backgrounder Active 2015-10 RES


SHIFT – Enhancing the Health of Ontarians: A Call to Action for Preconception Health Promotion and Care Active 2014-11 PP
Changes to OPHA Membership Fees Active 2014-4 RES
Applying a Health Equity Lens Active 2014-4 PP


Menu Labelling Active 2013-10 PP


Sports Injuries Active 2011-11 RES
Community Water Fluoridation Active 2011-10 RES
Change in OPHA Member Fees Active 2011-8 RES


Provincial Expansion and Promotion of the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) Active 2010-4 RES
Mandatory Training for Personal Services Workers Active 2010-3 RES
The WHO Code and the Ethical Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes Active 2010-1 PP
The Reappointment of Public Health Engineers at MOHLTC Active 2010-1 RES


Adults in Dental Pain Active 2009-3 RES
Strengthening Public Health Laboratories Active 2009-2 RES
Community Water Fluoridation Active 2009-1 RES


OPHA Injury Prevention Workgroup Active 2008-5 RES
A Ban on all Commercial Advertising Targeted to Children Under 13 Years of Age Active 2008-4 RES
Regulation and Inspection of Splash Pads and Other Similar Forms of Recreation Active 2008-3 RES
Core Competencies for Public Health in Canada Active 2008-2 RES
Violence Prevention – Resolution Active 2008-1 RES
Violence Prevention – Position Paper Active 2008-1 PP


Advocate for a Provincial Strategy for Alcohol and Other Drugs Active 2007-7 RES
Reaffirming the Importance of Strict Firearm Regulation to Prevent Firearm Deaths and Injuries Active 2007-6 RES
Access to a Nutritious Diet for All Active 2007-5 RES
Public Health System Renewal in Ontario Active 2007-4 RES
Breastfeeding Position Paper – revision of 1993 paper Active 2007-03 PP
2007-03 RES
Oral Health Promotion Active 2007-01 PP
2007-01 RES


Amending Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act Archived 2006-6 RES
Amending Ontario’s Off-Road Vehicle Act Active 2006-5 RES
Volunteer Involvement in Ontario’s Public Health Active 2006-02 PP
2006-03 RES
2006-04 RES
Diversity Competent Public Health Professionals Active 2006-01 PP
2006-01 RES
2006-02 RES


Public Health Responds to the Challenge to Reduce Poverty and Enhance Resiliency in Children and Youth Active 2004-05 PP
2004-10 RES
Determinants of Health Active 2005-3 RES
Position Statement on Poverty and Children’s Oral Health Active 2005-02 PP
2005-04 RES
Child and Youth Health: Strengthening Inter-Ministerial Integration Active 2005-01 PP
2005-01 RES
2005-02 RES


Physical Punishment of Children Active 2004-08 RES
2004-09 RES
Trans Health Project Active 2004-6 PP
Improving the Access and Quality of Public Health Services for Bisexuals Active 2003-04 PP
2003-02 RES
Climate Change and Human Health Active 2004-03 PP
2004-07 RES
Childhood lead exposure and housing sources: Does a problem exist in Ontario? Active 2004-02 PP
2004-03 RES
2004-04 RES
2004-05 RES
2004-06 RES
Building Environmental Health Capacity within Public Health Active 2004-2 RES
Motion re Funding Active 2004-1 MT


Trans Health Project Active 2003-06 PP
2003-07 RES
Public Health and Violence Prevention: Maintaining the Momentum Active 2003-05 PP
2003-03 RES
2003-04 RES
2003-05 RES
2003-06 RES
Promoting Healthy Communities: A Framework for Alcohol Policy and Public Health in Ontario Active 2003-3 PP
Health Risks of Cellular Telephones: the Myth and the Reality Active 2003-2 PP
Phase-out Coal-fired Power Plants Active 2003-1 RES
Health in Cities: the Role for Public Health Active 2003-1 PP


International Law Active 2002-2 MT
Ethical Research and Evidence-Based Practice for Lesbians and Gay Men Active 2002-1 RES
Development of National and Provincial Urban Health Strategies Active 2002-1 MT
A Systemic Approach to Community Food Security: A Role for Public Health Active 2002-1 PP


Balancing and Communicating Issues Related to Environmental Contaminants in Breastmilk Active 2004-01 PP
2004-01 RES
Non-Essential Use of Chemical Pesticides on Public and Private Lands Active 2001-2 RES
Protecting our Food Supply: Public Health Implications of Food Biotechnology (Français) Active 2001-1 PP
Protecting our Food Supply: Public Health Implications of Food Biotechnology Active 2001-1 PP
Healthy Babies Healthy Children Funding Active 2001-1 MT
Continuation of Funding to Ensure Sustainable Heart Health Promotion Programming in Ontario Active 2001-1 RES


Position Paper & Resolution on Ontario Regulation 586/99 Amendments to the Ont. Food Premises Regulations Archived 2000-02 PP
2000-03 RES
Improving the Access to and Quality of Public Health Services for Lesbians and Gay Men Active 2000-01 PP
2001-02 RES
Comprehensive Approach to School-Based Health Promotion Active 2000-1 RES


Extending the Principles of the Canada Health Act to Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Services Active 1999-2 RES
Health Impacts of Coal-Fired Generating Stations Active 1999-1 RES
A Public Health Approach to Violence Prevention Archived 1999-1 PP


Early Postpartum Discharge — Supporting Documents Archived 1998-02 PP
1998-02 RES


Child Poverty Archived 1997-3 RES
Early Postpartum Discharge Active 1997-2 RES
Violence: A Public Health Issue Archived 1997-1 RES
Opposition to the Transfer of Public Health Funding to the Municipal Government Archived 1997-1 MT


Health Impacts of Homelessness Archived 1996-4 RES
Health Impacts of Workfare Archived 1996-3 RES
Promoting Healthy Communities – a position paper on alcohol policy and public health Active 1996-1 PP


Support of the Lung Association’s Official Environmental Health Program in Air Quality Active 1995-5 RES
OPHA Endorsement of Food Security Goals Active 1995-4 RES
The Accelerated Phase-out of Persistent Toxic Substances Active 1995-3 RES
Delivery of Health Promotion Programs in Ontario Active 1995-2 RES
Public and Community Health Research for Health Promotion and Disease / Injury Prevention in Ontario Archived 1995-1 PP
OPHA Participation in the Provincial Discussion Regarding Health Care Support Archived 1995-1 MT
OPHA Endorsement of Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion Active 1995-1 RES


Stricter Gun Control Regulation Archived 1994-6 RES
Female Genital Mutilation Archived 1994-5 RES
Ethnoracial Health Research and Data Collection Archived 1994-4 RES
Increase Taxes on Tobacco Products Archived 1994-3 RES
To Eliminate Environmental Tobacco Smoke From Workplaces and Public Places Archived 1994-2 RES
Impact of the Social Contract on Public Health Sector Active 1994-1 RES


Shaping the Shift to Community Health Active 1993-02 PP
1993-02 RES
Social Assistance Reform Archived 1993-1 RES
Breastfeeding Position Paper Archived 1993-1 PP


Regulation and Inspection of Water Slide Receiving Basins and Similar Forms of Wet Recreation Active 1992-9 RES
Progressive Tax Reform Archived 1992-8 RES
Anti-Racist Health Archived 1992-7 RES
Guaranteed Annual Income Archived 1992-6 RES
Identification of a Probable Human Carcinogen N-Nitrosodimethlamine (NDMA), and exposure risk in foods Archived 1992-5 RES
Partnership in Education and Health Archived 1992-4 RES
AIDS and Health Promotion Archived 1992-3 RES
Youth Alienation Archived 1992-2 RES
The Use of Multiple Strategies to Improve the Health of Communities Active 1992-2 PP
Literacy and Health Archived 1992-1 PP
Food Security Archived 1992-1 RES


Confidentiality and Privacy for People Living with HIV/AIDS Archived 1991-4 RES
Health Care Workers with HIV Archived 1991-3 RES
Identification of Enforcement Issues Regarding Youth Tobacco Legislation Archived 1991-2 RES
Sexual Abuse of Patients by Physicians Archived 1991-1 MT
Implementation of Comprehensive Strategy to Control Youth Access to Tobacco Archived 1991-1 RES


Financial Support for Primary Caregivers Archived 1990-6 RES
Domestic Violence Archived 1990-5 RES
Sexual Orientation Discrimination, Homophobia and Violence Against Gay and Lesbian People Archived 1990-4 RES
Payment of HIV Therapies Archived 1990-3 RES
Intervention Strategies for Preventing the Spread of HIV/AIDS Infection Archived 1990-2 RES
Role of Environmental Health Archived 1990-1 MT
Reclassification of AIDS and Quarantining Archived 1990-1 RES


Emergency Resolution – El Salvador Archived 1989-9 RES
Support for Ontario Advocacy Coalition Statement of Principles Archived 1989-8 RES
Funding for Community Health Promotion and Prevention Efforts Archived 1989-7 RES
Therapeutic Abortion: Rights and Services Archived 1989-6 RES
Funding for Contraceptive/Barrier Methods Archived 1989-5 RES
Home Care Archived 1989-4 RES
Personal Power of Attorney/Spouse Re-Defined Archived 1989-3 RES
Access to Condoms and Clean Needles Archived 1989-2 RES
Community Research Archived 1989-1 RES
Anonymous/Non-Nominal Testing for HIV Archived 1989-1 RES


Raising the Drinking Age Archived 1988-12 RES
Workplace HIV Education and Policies Archived 1988-11 RES
HIV Education for Educators and Care Providers Archived 1988-10 RES
HIV Testing/Counseling Archived 1988-9 RES
Health Care Needs of the Developmentally Disabled Archived 1988-9 RES
Regulation of Bill C-51: The Tobacco Products Control Act Archived 1988-8 RES
HIV Research Funding Archived 1988-8 RES
Sale of Tobacco to Minors Archived 1988-7 RES
HIV Education Funding Archived 1988-7 RES
Ad-Hoc Legislative Review Committee Archived 1988-6 RES
Adequate Resources for Revised Mandatory Programs Archived 1988-6 RES
Health Status Information Archived 1988-5 RES
Balloon Release Archived 1988-5 res
Foodhandler Education Archived 1988-4 RES
Community-Managed Health Care System Archived 1988-4 RES
Use of Locally Produced Foods by OPHA Archived 1988-3 RES
Strengthening Community Health Archived 1988-3 PP
Implementation Strategy for Healthy Public Policy Archived 1988-3 RES
Healthy Public Policy: A Framework Archived 1988-2 PP
Health Promotion Research Archived 1988-2 RES
Alcohol Policy Framework Archived 1988-1 PP