About OPHA

Created in 1949, the Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA) is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that brings together a broad spectrum of groups and individuals concerned about people’s health. OPHA’s members come from various backgrounds and sectors – from the various disciplines in public health, health care, academic, non-profit to the private sector. They are united by OPHA’s mission of providing leadership on issues affecting the public’s health and strengthening the impact of people who are active in public and community health throughout Ontario. This mission is achieved through professional development, information and analysis on issues effecting community and public health, access to multidisciplinary networks, advocacy on health public policy and the provision of expertise and consultation.

Through their involvement in OPHA’s workgroups, networks and constituent societies, OPHA members have been leading change on a wide range of issues –  tobacco control, poverty reduction, diabetes prevention, increased access to oral health care, immunization, supporting children and families, food security, healthy eating and nutrition, climate change and designing walkable communities, among others. 

Mission, Vision and Values


OPHA’s mission is to provide leadership on issues affecting the public’s health and to strengthen the impact of people who are active in public and community health throughout Ontario.

OPHA achieves this mission by:

  • providing professional development opportunities and up-to-date information in community and public health issues
  • providing access and convening local, provincial and multi-disciplinary community health networks
  • developing mechanisms to identify and analyze public health issues from the variety of perspectives among its membership and broader communities
  • creating and maintaining advocacy initiatives with a province-wide perspective
  • leading the development of expertise in public and community health through collaboration, consultation and partnerships


Working together to achieve optimal health for all.

This vision relies on the continued development of a strong contingent of professionals and volunteers leading public health reform in Ontario. OPHA will continually increase capacity for policy analysis, foster strong strategic links and creative collaborations with other health organizations, develop effectiveness in advocacy and earn the credibility and respect required to exercise a positive influence with politicians and decision-makers at the policy-making table.


OPHA seeks to be an independent voice for a broadly defined conception of public health — a dynamic organization that promotes:

  • equity
  • social justice
  • inclusivity and diversity
  • fostering active and mutually-rewarding partnerships
  • volunteerism and valuing volunteer contributions
  • recognition of public health as an integral part of a publicly-funded Canadian and Ontario health system.

OPHA is committed to the highest ethical and professional standard of openness, responsibility and accountability in the conduct of its organizational affairs.