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Advocacy package highlighting ongoing modernization of retail alcohol sales

June 5, 2017

The Ontario Public Health Association is concerned about the delay in moving forward with a comprehensive province-wide alcohol policy as announced in December 2015. The proposed Spring 2016 launch has long passed, and the government’s recent announcement that 76 more grocery store outlets will be licensed to sell wine brings the total number of grocery store outlets to 206 as of July 1, 2017. OPHA encourages all Ontario health units, organizations,and communities to join efforts to raise awareness about the public health impact of the significant increase in retail access of alcohol in Ontario. We applaud the recent letter sent by Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health on this issue.
Please find below a briefing note, template cover letter and infographic to help engage your senior leadership and Boards of Health and to help facilitate advocacy efforts on this issue. Everyone is encouraged to include their own information and adapt for local use. It is well established that increased alcohol availability leads to increased consumption and alcohol-related harms. In order to address the health and social harms of alcohol, and the impact of increased access, a comprehensive strategy is needed.

Please join us in calling on the government to both fulfil its promise and prioritize the health and wellbeing of Ontarians by enacting a comprehensive, evidence-based alcohol strategy as soon as possible.


Sample Letter on Prov Alcohol Modernization and Strategy

OPHA Briefing Note on Alcohol Modernization

Infographic: Modernization of Alcohol Sales in Ontario – Timelines

Sample Op Ed on Prov Alcohol Modernization and Strategy