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May 7, 2020

OPHA is launching a campaign to recognize the many #PublicHealthHeroes working tirelessly behind the scenes to keep Ontario communities healthy and safe. Check out our Gallery of Public Health Heroes here  Throughout the past few months, we have witnessed the world shift and focus on the work of public health like never before. Through OPHA’s daily summaries on the latest news, we have noticed terms like “flatten the curve” enter into everyday language, we are witnessing civic mobilization around public health guidelines above all else, and we are seeing the general population captivated by updated releases of epidemiological data and projection modeling. Most of all, thanks to the leadership and every-day efforts of public health teams, we are seeing modeling in Ontario that suggests hope for better days to come. Dare we say it, this is an incredibly public moment for public health! As an association dedicated to strengthening the impact of those who are active in public and community health, we are recognizing that this is a key defining time for the public health sector in the minds of our public audiences. A sector that typically works tirelessly behind the scenes to save lives through the important work that keeps populations healthy every day, and especially in the face of a global pandemic. We know how hard many of our members and their colleagues are working from conducting case management and contact tracing, completing daily surveillance reports, collecting evidence on the impact of social distancing on vulnerable populations, handling media calls, supporting high risk families via telephone visits, liaising with municipalities and other stakeholders, continuing  needle exchange and other vital programs to answering public’s inquiries about COVID-19 and more! In recognition of those efforts, we are launching a campaign to raise the profile of the public health sector, spread awareness about the multitude of public health roles that are involved in a pandemic response, and recognize our public health champions working tirelessly behind the scenes to serve their communities. In the weeks to come, we invite you to join us in identifying and recognizing every-day public health champions in a variety of roles in your community. We will be showcasing their profiles throughout our campaign #PublicHealthHeroes.To be considered as a participant (as an individual or a team) in this campaign or suggest a colleague, please complete (or have the Public Health Hero you would like to see profiled in the campaign complete) and sign the attached template and form below, and submit to The campaign will be running throughout May and June. We invite you to share this information broadly with any colleagues you feel may have an interest in participating. Thank you for your consideration and for the critical work that so many of you and your colleagues are doing to keep our communities healthy and safe.

Individual Submission Documents

Team Submission Documents