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We have created this page to share a glimpse into the work that happens behind the scenes among public health teams throughout the province. Knowing that #PublicHealthHeroes are everywhere helping communities stay healthy and safe, we want to thank and recognize those who are working tirelessly during the COVID-19 pandemic and every day to make […]
OPHA wrapped up our eight weeks #PublicHealthHeroes campaign and we wanted to take a moment to thank our participants and to invite you to participate in the second phase of our campaign #PublicHealthHeroesStories.
OPHA is launching a campaign to recognize the many #PublicHealthHeroes working tirelessly behind the scenes to keep Ontario communities healthy and safe.
OPHA’s vision of health equity is that all people (individuals, groups and communities) have a fair chance at reaching their full health potential and are not disadvantaged by social, economic and environmental conditions.  About Health Equity According to the World Health Organization (WHO) equity is defined as: Equity is the absence of avoidable or remediable […]
With the funding for Ontario’s health promotion resource centres coming to a close, the HKRC wanted to share what we have learned as a result of working in partnership to support HKCC communities.
An exploration of crisis experience and training as they relate to transformational leadership and rhetorical sensitivity among U.S. Public health Officials:Barbara Jane Reynolds, Capella University, Minneapolis (February 2009) Pages 1-172 This research study investigated the relationships between past crisis experience, leader training and education, and crisis and emergency risk communication (CERC) training among public health […]
What public health leaders at CDC think about Leadership?By Louis Rowitz, Director of Mid-America Regional Public Health Leadership Institute It includes quotes from various leaders at CDC The effect of CDC on leadership enhancements Benefits of Leadership Development Programs  and much more Tags: Leadership at CDC Developing leadership competencies to improve health status in IllinoisBy Louis Rowitz, […]
The National Public Health Leadership Institute: Evaluation of a Team-Based Approach to Developing Collaborative Public Health LeadersPublished in “American Journal of Public Health” on April, 2005 The National Public Health Leadership Institute aims to develop collaborative leaders and to strengthen networks of leaders who share knowledge and jointly address public health problems. Evaluation results show […]
Key points to leadership growth: A checklist for LeadersIn 2006, the Health Care Leaders Association of BC, in collaboration with major health employers and post-secondary institutions began developing a learning process that would enhance the overall quality and quantity of health leaders in BC. The result was the creation of the leaders for life Initiative The Lead Self domain of the LEADS […]
Please note, this workgroup is currently paused. Please email with any inquiries. OPHA’s Breastfeeding Promotion Workgroup, formed in 1993, recognizes the need to develop a province-wide strategy to protect, promote, and support breastfeeding as a means of improving health of children and their mothers.Extensive research emphasizes the crucial role of breastfeeding in achieving optimal […]