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What public health leaders at CDC think about Leadership?
By Louis Rowitz, Director of Mid-America Regional Public Health Leadership Institute

  • It includes quotes from various leaders at CDC
  • The effect of CDC on leadership enhancements
  • Benefits of Leadership Development Programs  and much more

Tags: Leadership at CDC

Developing leadership competencies to improve health status in Illinois
By Louis Rowitz, Director of Mid-America Regional Public Health Leadership Institute

  • A system approach to public health leadership and applications of the core functions
  • Public Health Leadership competencies
  • The public health workforce and responsibilities

Tags: Leadership competencies

Leading the Transformation of the Public Health System: Are “We” Prepared?
By Dennis Lenaway, Office of the Chief of Public Health Practice, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Public Health Challenges
  • Healthcare crisis
  • Rebalancing health priorities
  • Transforming the public health system

Tags: Transforming public health

What is the public health mutual aid agreement? Why leadership and advocacy training?
By Kerry Dunnell, MSW Local Government Liaison, Mary E. Clark, JD, Regional Preparedness Manager, Cambridge Public Health Department presented at Advanced Practice Center for Emergency Preparedness

  • What is the public health mutual aid agreement?
  • Why leadership and advocacy training?
  • Case examples and group activities

Tags: Leadership and advocacy

Maternal and Child Health-Public Health Leadership Institute
Leadership Modules by Gillings School of Public Health The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Peer Coaching

  • This session describes the process of peer coaching in detail. It differentiates “curbside consultation” (telling people what to do) from using the peer coaching skills of reflective questioning to help a colleague come to their own understanding of the situation they face.
  • (15 slides, 15 minutes)

Creating Innovative Cultures

  • Innovation is a critical key to success-but how do you help your culture become an innovative one? This session addresses the four components of innovation and gives specific strategies of how to promote each. While it links with the “Four Sight Innovation Tool” having taken that instrument is not required for learning practical skills from this program.
  • (25 slides, 25 minutes)

Social Marketingby Dr. David Steffen and Dr. Claudia Fernandez

  • This module describes social marketing, how it is different from other marketing tactics, social marketing’s place in public health, and looks at case studies of public health social marketing. This program presents a comprehensive view of the topic.
  • (73 slides, 40 minutes)

Cultural Competence and Global Leadershipby Virginia Suarez and Dr. David Steffen

  • The topic of global leadership and cultural competence becomes more important as work increasingly becomes global. This program is targeted to a public health audience and covers some key definitions and concepts included in the Cultural Competence Continuum. It looks at changes in demographics and what it means in terms of health disparities for racial and ethnic minority populations.
  • (65 slides, 60 minutes)

Adaptive Leadership

  • Leaders today face many types of challenges: technical ones, which can be answered by experts using currently existing knowledge, and adaptive ones, which can be difficult to understand and have no ready solution. When leaders are faced with the most complex challenges they need to bring the tools of adaptive leadership to bear. This module introduces the topic, the basic tools, and what leaders need to know in order to survive in leadership when leading crisis and change efforts.
  • (32 slides, 24 minutes)

MCH Primer: An Angle on MCH Systemsby Dr. Lew Margolis

  • The world of Maternal and Child Health consists of many interconnected parts. This session will help you understand how MCH systems are linked in the US. This program is hosted by Dr. Lews Margolis of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
  • (32 slides, 43 minutes)

Increasing Meaningful Partnerships between Families and MCH Partnerships

  • In this module, nationally recognized family leader and speaker, Ms. Eileen Forlenza, addresses four critical strategies for increasing meaningful partnerships between Families and MCH Professionals. Anyone interested in issues around Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) will find this 30-minute leadership lesson incredibly insightful and helpful.
  • (45 slides, 30 minutes)

Minimizing Chaos during Public Health Emergencies: The Challenge for Leadership
By Joseph M. Henderson, MPA Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Faculty, Harvard National Preparedness Leadership Initiative, Aug 2006

  • Extreme Events: What Leaders Need to Know School of Public Health
  • The system of leadership
  • Decision Challenges
  • The Person as Leader
  • Meta-Leadership

Tags: Leadership system

Meta leadership Curriculum as a part of National Preparedness Leadership Initiative (NPLI), a joint program by Harvard Kennedy, the Harvard School of Public Health and key federal agencies

  • Introduction to theory of meta leadership
  • The Strategic Advantage of Connectivity & Meta-Leadership
  • Multi-dimensional problem solving
  • Meta-leadership in practice

Tags: Meta-leadership

Leadership and Innovation in Public Health 
By Bechara Choucair, Commissioner, Chicago department of public Health

  • Evolution of healthy Chicago and its priorities
  • Fostering Innovation: a Leadership Function
  • Handling budget and building support

Tags: From silos to systems

Adaptive Leadership is strategic Public Health leadership in distributed systems
By Jim Mc Manus, Director of Public Health, Hertfordshire, UK (2014)

  • Where is public health leadership in England?
  • Public Health in a distributed system.
  • History of leadership psychology.
  • The multi-leader style for public health.

Tags: Leadership styles

Public Health Preparedness and leadership
By Louis Rowitz, Director, Mid-America Regional Public Health Leadership Institute

  • Difference in traditional and crisis leadership
  • Systems thinking and complexity
  • Forces of change and the tipping point
  • Societal pressures and much more

Tags: Crisis Leadership

Situational Leadership
By Louis Rowitz at Illinois Institute for Maternal and Child Health Leadership

  • The tasks of leadership
  • The new leadership competencies
  • Situational Leadership
  • Strategic Leadership

Tags: Situational Leadership

Meta-Leadership and the Challenge for Public Health
By Joseph M. Henderson, for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Harvard University

  • Public Health Leadership Challenges and consideration of meta-leadership
  • The mind, thinking and action of the leader
  • Active and passive leadership
  • Leading in the silo and much more

Tags: Meta-leadership

It`s not your Father`s Pubic Health
By Louis Rowitz: Director, Mid-America Regional Public Health Leadership Institute

  • The tipping point
  • Public Health Complexity issues and Leadership Demands
  • Community Crisis and Priorities

Tags: Complexities in Public Health

Leading the Health System through Policy Development: New Roles for Public Health
At College of Public Health at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

  • The ten essential Public Health Services
  • Inform, educate and empower people about Health Issues
  • Challenge as public health leaders

Tags: Public Health policy Development

A Leader`s Guide to Matrix Management
By Louis Rowitz: Director, Mid-America Regional Public Health Leadership Institute

  • Description on matrix management
  • Leadership outputs and resource management
  • Tips for leaders

Tags: Matrix management

Leadership Action for Healthy Communities
At Lake Merritt bay Area Rapid Transit Station: Transit Oriented Development Planning Process

  • Brief overview of the project
  • Asian Health Services and Oakland Chinatown Coalition
  • Community Participatory Research Activities
  • Community and Patient Engagement and much more

Tags: Leadership stories  

Leadership + Partnership + Implementation = COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT
It includes:

  • What is Community Engagement? How do you plan and implement it?
  • Partnership Building and Retention
  • Case Studies: Alameda County & Martin Luther King, Jr. County

Tags: Community Engagement 

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