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Leadership priorities (WHO, 2015)

Leadership priorities give focus and direction to work at WHO. They are areas where it is vital for WHO to lead – the key issues which stand out from the body of work.

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Servant Leadership: Quotes and Definition of the Model. Article written by Eric Gill for Concordia online which talks about:

  • How from initial project-planning stages to final implementation, servant leaders think about how they can best serve others.
  • Whether it’s a small private business or a large public entity, servant leadership is about transforming an organization into a successful enterprise by inspiring people to excel.

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Stifling public health leadership is bad for Toronto’s health

By Michael Shapcott, Director, Affordable Housing and Social Innovation at the Wellesley Institute, an independent, non-profit research and policy dedicated to advancing urban health.

  •  Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health has recently been the target of political and personal attacks for his evidence-based research and policy advice on the public health dimensions of traffic safety.
  • The author spreads a strong voice through this blog on “should the city’s top public health official be speaking out on population health issues that affect the entire city?”

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