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OPHA response to Ontario’s Education Strategy: “From Great to Excellent”

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December 2, 2013

OPHA’s Breastfeeding Promotion Network submitted a response to the Ministry of Education on November 15, 2013 to inform the next phase of Ontario’s Education Strategy: “From Great to Excellent”. In order to facilitate discussion, the Ministry has also released a consultation document highlighting 7 key questions they would like stakeholders to address. OPHA has identified the following questions that may be of particular interest given our current areas of focus:

  • What are the skills, knowledge and characteristics students need to succeed after they have completed school, and how do we better support all learners in their development?
  • What does student well-being mean to you, and what is the role of the school in supporting it?
  • From your perspective, what further opportunities exist to close gaps and increase equity to support all children and students in reaching their full potential?

 Click here to read our response.