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OPHA Provincial Election Advocacy Priorities

May 7, 2022

The Ontario Public Health Association is pleased to share our election priorities that will be used to influence all four political parties and their agendas as they campaign to be elected. These priorities were informed by the feedback we received from over 400 community and public health professionals reflected in our report ‘What We Heard: COVID -19, Shaping Public Health in Ontario’. 

We have included 5 major priorities that address key foundational issues regarding adequate funding, infrastructure, workforce needs, autonomy, and the overall sustainability of our public health and community health sectors in Ontario.  Additionally, we have included some other significant issues including the need to address racism and health equity, climate change’s impact on health, and a chronic disease prevention strategy. 

The Ontario Public Health Association’s top election priorities to protect and promote public health in Ontario are:

  1. Strengthen public health and community health by increasing and sustaining funding, while
    enabling local and regional autonomy
  2. Restore and strengthen the public health workforce
  3. Advance racial and health equity
  4. Take bold actions to address climate change
  5. Develop and implement a comprehensive chronic disease prevention strategy

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