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Alcohol in the News


March 2015: National Dr Lin Alcohol Guidelines Physician role
March 2 2015: VIDEO  The National CBC Peter Mansbridge with Dr Peter Lin re alcohol: doctor’s role
Feb 2015 Starbucks to have alcohol: by end of 2015 in Canada, focus to women
Feb 2015: Could a drink a day lower your risk of heart failure
Feb 2015:
Feb 2015: Regina Sask does alcohol survey re changes
Feb 2015: These are the latest  results from a new survey called the Canadian Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drugs Survey (CTADS CTADS, which combines 2 surveys  we used to look at separately before, the Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey (CTUMS) and the Canadian Drug and Alcohol Use Monitoring Survey (CADUMS), “streamlining federal efforts and representing the first time that tobacco, drug and alcohol data has been reported together.”
Feb 2015: Alcohol and Stroke:  Heavy Drinking in mid life increases risk of stroke
Jan 20, 2015: Alcohol disrupts sleep despite initial sedative effect 
Jan 2015:
Jan 2015: Why I give up alcohol every January
Jan 16 2015: Long work hours + higher alcohol abuse
Jan 2015 sask beer review:
Jan 2015: Free drinks in Casinos? Niagara Falls Casino 
Jan 11, 2015:  Dr. Levy discusses alcohol consumption versus availability with Ed Hand (audio)
Jan 2015:Alcohol Tax and misuse link: Binge drinking decreases as alcohol taxes rise
January 8, 2015 Test for alcohol consumption via hair
Jan 8 2015: De Levy Interview (print and video): Reevely: ‘Overconsumption is the problem,’ Ottawa’s health unit warns about Ontario alcohol policy (with video)
Making it easier for Ontarians to buy booze is popular and makes more money for the government, but it’ll probably kill some people.
Ottawa’s top public-health doctor is frustrated that nobody talks about the second part.
Jan 2015: Public Want Health Labelling
Jan 2015:  Rate of alcohol poisoning in America (part 1)(part 2)
Dec 2014: Violence alcohol family 
Dec 18 2014:
Dec 11: OPH CFRA Interview on Alcohol and the Holidays: “Jackie Kay-LePors talks to Rick Gibbons about alcohol use and the holidays”
Dec 10:
Nov 26: Drunk Suit with Det John Kiss (SODA PARTNER)
Nov 2014: CAMH New video summarising OSDUHS and alcohol
Nov 2014:  High hospital costs of substance abuse:CCSA (part 1)(part 2)(part 3)
Nov 2014: Alcohol blog for new years
Nov 2014: Most excessive alcohol consumers are not alcoholics: US: (part 1) (part 2)
Nov 26, 2014 : UK:new drug  that takes the pleasure out of drinking alcohol
Nov 19 2014: Caffeine and Alcohol
Nov 17, 2014: Health benefits of alcohol:  new study: benefit only seen in small percent of population: (part 1) (part 2

Nov 7, 2014: *% beer with very contentious name now for sale in Ontario at beer store. LCBO wouldn’t have it:

Nov 5, 2014: They finally found a way to get this beer into Ontario hands… with the help of a local brewery no less! The section I found interesting was the LCBO statement standing up for their decision  referencing their social responsibility mandate. Helps our argument for partnering with them.
“Genevieve Tomney, a spokeswoman for the LCBO, said each product is carefully reviewed to ensure the information on the label is accurate and that it doesn’t have graphics or a name that people might find offensive. In the Delirium Tremens case, officials felt the reference to getting the shakes, usually associated with alcohol withdrawal, was pushing things too much.

“LCBO didn’t want to be seen as being offensive or be seen as making fun of a serious alcohol related medical condition,” she said. “We have a social responsibility mandate. Our aim is to promote social responsibility and to encourage moderate consumption.””

Oct 28, 2014:  CHnanges LCBO should make
Oct 24, 2014: Standard drink labelling on bottles:
Oct 24: Tx of depression and alcohol use:
Oct 20, 2014: ccsa says more energy should be on alcohol, which causes mucvh more harm:
Oct 3 2014:
Aug 2014 Starbucks and alcohol service:
Aug 18, 2014: Ginny on CTV Morning re alcohol myths:
August 15:  Quebec young liberals want to privatize the SAQ:
August 14: Toronto Urges ban on serving energy drinks and alcohol on municipal property:
July 24, 2014 Ottawa Citizen : KFC Goes Frothy: Offering beer in 2 Toronto locations. (Not online yet: to look up again. (Prev Toronto article: )
 July 22, 2014:  Hearth and Crown Preston: there were charges and that some of them stuck: Amount of alcohol consumed by about 10 patrons of the Heart and Crown Irish Pub on Preston Street during a 65-minute binge on Feb. 20, 2011:

·         59 one-ounce shots

·         2-60-ounce pitchers of beer

·         2-20-ounce beers

·         1-16-ounce beer
July 16, 2014: Ottawa vice City? High Alcohol and Cannabis use. From state of Ottawa data:


July 3 2014: Online Alcohol calculator (from USA):

July 3, 2014: More evidence that moderate drinking may benefit the heart | Reuters These  latest 2 studies conclude:

·         “There is now solid evidence that alcohol, when consumed on a regular basis and at low volumes (up to one drink for women and two drinks for men daily), confers protection against cardiovascular disease, whereas regular amounts of more than four to five drinks daily and heavy episodic drinking have (the) opposite effects,”

·         Study one looked at drinking and risk of experiencing abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA), a “ballooning” of the main blood vessel from the heart that    delivers blood to the trunk and lower body.

·         2. Study 2 compare 12,000 cases of first heart attacks with 15,500 similar people who did not have a heart attack. Trained staff administered     alcohol use questionnaires to heart attack victims and the comparison group.

June 3, 2013 : Our relationship with alcohol. It’s complicated: CMAJ:

June 9, 2014:The public Health case for legalizing pot: It could replace alcohol.
June 29: G&M: We need to talk about our drinking:
June 2014: The Sun infographic:
May 16/13: Nunavut one step closer to opening liquor stores:
May 16/13: MADD releases position paper on privatization of alcohol:
May 16/13: MADD news release:
May 2013 Using Public Health and Community Partnerships to Reduce Density of Alcohol Outlets: 19/13: Most youth alcohol deaths not related to driving:
April 2, 2013: Ontario’s Doctors: Ontario has a Drinking Problem and Lacks Programs to Fix It:
March 29/13: centretown News: problem drinking alarms OPH:
Link between trauma and substance abuse:
               June 30/2014: We need to talk (about our drinking)   drinking/article19377132/?cmpid=rss1

           June 30/2014: 1 in 10 deaths among adults tied to alcohol: CDC

AGCO Modernisation:


March 2 2015: Premier promises “more rational” wine sales in Ontario:

Feb 24 2015:Why is beer so much cheaper in quebec:

Feb 18 2015:  No alcohol outlets in grocery stores:


February 13, 2015 – Changes to Liquors Act allows beer and spirits to cross borders
Global News

Feb 2 2015:

Feb 2 2015:

Jan 27 2015:

Jan 20 2015:

Jan 20 2015:

Jan 2015:

Jan 2015:

Jan 14:  Beer store legal challenge.:

Jan 12, 2015 : Privatization czar Ed Clark to meet with big brewers on future of The Beer Store

Ed Clark, Premier Kathleen Wynne’s privatization czar, will soon meet with executives from the major breweries to discuss the future of The Beer Store
Jan 7 2015: Beer store to allow small breweries to participate in ownership:
December 19 2014:
LCBO-Beer Store deal looks unfair and will ‘absolutely’ be changed: Wynne:
Ont govbt impatient with Beer Store:
Kathleen Wynne warns ‘change’ looms for The Beer Store
Premier Kathleen Wynne is “impatient” to get on with modernizing booze sales in Ontario, including revisiting the government’s long-secret deal with the foreign-owned Beer Store.
Toronto Star
December 19, 2014
October 2014;
Aug 2014:
Aug 22 2014: Wynne wants Ontario to keep booze monopoly, but report says consumers would pay less if system changed (see public comments too: 320 as of Feb 2015):
June 25, 2014: Mayor Jim Watson’s motion in support of local craft brewers seeking a “by the glass” licence from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario has been approved:
June 12, 2014: Mayor ok with breweries serving  by the glass:
June 11, 2014:Mayor thinks by the glass craft beer sounds like a good idea:
June 11, 2014: VQA wines hit Ottawa Farmers Markets:
May 30, 2014:
May 2014 : Wine companies hit back:  and

May 16, 2014: Ontario Votes: Why aren’t alcohol sales on tap in this campaign?Ontario PCs have so far not repeated plans to end LCBO, Beer Store ‘monopoly’

 May 15, 2014   LCBO Needs to apply a little common sense:
April 2014: LCBO Kiosks in Grocery stores:
April 24, 2014:
April 22  Fearmongering  about alcohol gets ridiculous (cancer care position and grocery Kiosks) editorial by Kate Heartfield Citizen :
September 2013: Ontario wines…are laws changing?
Sept 2013:

May 18/ 13:
Dec 4, 2012: Hudak: Allow Liquor  at corner stores:
Alcohol Outlet Density:
Oct 2014: BC to sell alcohol in grocery stores:
« Regulating Outlet Density : An action guide »:
San Francisco:
Alcohol Price:
July 2014: Increase price decrease harms: Wales:  UK:
July 2014: Minimum prices in bars undergo change:

Youth and Alcohol (?Host Liability):
Feb 2015: Youth message should focus on why and how: University of Sussex by researcher Dr Dominic Conroy. The study, published in the British Journal of Health Psychology, found that university students were more likely to reduce their overall drinking levels if they focused on the benefits of abstaining, such as more money and better health
Feb 2015: Exposure to alcohol ads on TV linked with underage drinking
September 4 2014 Carleton Frosh week initiative:
July 31; More on frosh event fiasco:
 July 30, 2014:  Ottawa Company that organising 2014 frosh week encourages drinking:
June 12, 2014: The problem with proms (Egan):
June 11, 2014: High school graduate stabbed to death  after prom:
June 3, 2014: Death of Ontario teen highlights dangers of underage drinking:  17 yo binge drinks under the encouragements of his peers.  He drinks to a near comatose state between 7-9:90pm and is then dropped off at home to an empty house.
 May 27, 2014 Follow up on incident at PM Residence

April 29, 2013: well known brands and cheap strong booze most consumed :

 April 24, 2014: On party at PM residence:

April16, 2013: Parents Can Help Their Children Avoid Alcohol Pitfalls During Transition from High School to College:

April 16: Pre-College Talk Between Parents and Teens Likely to Lessen College Drinking:

Feb 2015: Breathalysers at Prom a charter rights violation:
Harms Data:
May 2014: wellknown alcohol researcher commenting on how alcohol causes tons of harm to society… under the argument that some people substitute alcohol for marijuana and that this would reduce societal harms caused by alcohol.
May 2014 Paramedic Data on alcohol related calls: Sherry was interviewed
Learning Tools:
From Nova Scotia (Christina):
Drinking and Driving
Feb 2015: stopping drink drivers:
Feb 2015: Ontario Drunk Driver loophole: and

Jan 2015:
Jan 2015:

Dec 2014: Canadians becoming complacent about drinking and driving:

December 2014: Scots drop drink and drive limit:
June 2014: How many drinks are safe to drive:
Chronic Disease:
Jan 2015:

December 2014: New study: Robert Sclafani Publishing their findings in the journal Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, the CU researchers discuss this protective quality. new study finds that resveratrol – a chemical found in grape skins and red wine – may protect against cancer, despite the alcohol content of red wine being a risk factor for head and neck cancer:
June 30, 2014: ALCOHOL AND CANCER: ABSTINENCE OR MODERATION : The data showing that just one drink a day increases the risk for a number of cancers – at least when such drinking behavior continues over several years – are well known. Le National Alcohol Strategy Advisory Council, of which Éduc’alcool is a member, bases its position on meta-analyses reviewing the link between the risk of death from all causes combined and regular daily alcohol consumption, in order to determine the point at which the risks and benefits balance each other out for the average person, compared to those who abstain from drinking. The distinct advantage of his methodology is that it can determine a limit for regular, daily drinking, i.e. the point at which the risk of premature death from all causes combined is no greater than that for a person who has never had a drop of alcohol.:
April 24, 2014: On Cancer care  Ontario position:

Women and Alcohol:
March 2015:  New Educ’Alcool resource in tiem for womens day:

Jan 22, 2015: OPH IPSM Team interview with Sun: Susan Sherring re alcohol and women:
December 2014: Women drinking increasing, and LT effects
June 2014 Summary Presentation of  Phase One report  on “ Girls, Women,  and Alcohol” from Canadian Women Health network to LCBO:
Stress and Alcohol:
June 2014: SHEEMA KHAN: Drinking comes with staggering costs (some good potential sources)

Similar to what is being proposed for Ontario, Quebec is going to have an SAQ EXPRESS in a grocery store starting in spring 2015, with wine and liquor, for an as yet undetermined period. The hours will be the same as the grocery store. There will be SAQ staff  (It seems the alcohol grocery stores in Quebec sell now isn’t under the SAQ regime?)

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Last updated March 4 2015