The Make It Better project was developed by the Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA) in partnership with leading health and environmental organizations working to protect children’s health. 

Research has shown that our health, and our children’s health, is being directly and seriously impacted by our changing climate. And many children in Canada live with inequities that makes them more vulnerable to climate-related health impacts. Climatic changes are contributing to the spread of ticks that carry Lyme disease, asthma triggers and the risk of heat-related illness. Untreated, these health impacts can cause hospitalization – or worse.  

Climate change can worsen inequities, putting marginalized groups at greater risk in Ontario.

Without action, our health and quality of life is at risk. No child should have to suffer the health impacts of climate change and the inequities that put them at even greater risk. As parents, caregivers, health professionals and community allies, we can work together to make it better for children – especially those in marginalized communities who are at the greatest risk. 

Solutions to address climate change and strengthen equity already exist. By working for health and climate equity for our kids and focusing on where the need is the greatest, we can make our communities safer, more climate-resilient and equitable. 

Every child should have the protection they need from climate change and have equal access to a healthy environment.

We developed this campaign to give parents information and tools to protect their families and their communities. And we need your help. 

Together, we can Make It Better.

Visit the #MakeItBetter site here.