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Past Events

  In this webinar, we introduce Drawdown Dietetics, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to integrating climate change mitigation strategies into dietetics. Registered dietitians Anneke Hobson and Renita Lam discuss the role of food in climate change, describe their vision for the profession, review key findings from their 2021 survey of dietitians across Canada, and outline their […]
  Back in March 2020, no one could have predicted the breadth and length of COVID-19. When the pandemic first began, grocery stores had a hard time keeping up with the increased demand as people began to panic buy, trying to prepare for the unknown. During this time, grocery store shelves looked bare, and there […]
  Watch this webinar to hear about the findings of two new reports warning of the long-term health risks, and the potential impacts on our healthcare system if steps are not taken to address unhealthy eating trends and strengthen food literacy in Ontario. In this presentation, we will discuss nutrients of concern, trends in vegetable, […]