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Additional Membership Benefits

March 14, 2017

OPHA Members! ‎We are pleased to offer you some new benefits for being a member. These benefits include discounted group rates for two different services – membership in Goodlife Fitness and reduced home and car insurance rates.

Please see below for more information and steps on how you can take advantage of the savings we’ve arranged on behalf of our members.

We would appreciate receiving your suggestions for any other services you’d like OPHA to explore and/or feedback on these new offerings. Please send us an email anytime!

Goodlife Fitness

With the option of bi-weekly payments of $24.00 plus tax (no yearly commitment) OR a one time fee of $549 plus tax, per member, per year, OPHA members and their family members will have access to any Goodlife Fitness centres across Canada. For more information on what’s included in the membership, please check out our attachments.

To enroll, please use the following link: and select Canadian & Ontario Public Health Association from the drop down menu. Next, using your unique OPHA Membership ID, click submit to continue your registration. Let us know if you are having any difficulties. ‎

Economical Select

As an OPHA member, you qualify for a 25% discount on car insurance and a 20% discount on home insurance with Economical Select. You may also be eligible for savings in addition to your group discount, especially when you bundle two or more policies. Please see attached for more information on coverages.

To receive a quote, please call Economical Select at 1-866-247-7700, mention that you are an OPHA member with your membership ID member, and receive your discounted quote. 

Let us know if you have any questions!

The OPHA Team