Leadership Centre

Supporting leadership capacity building within Ontario.

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Enhancing leadership competencies, facilitating thoughtful discussion and examination of leadership issues for public health professionals.

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Community Food Advisor

Promoting safe and nutritious food selection, preparation and storage practices.

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Community Food Advisors work in their community to improve and promote safe and healthy food selection, preparation, and storage practices.

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Public Health and You

Your questions about public health answered...all in one place.

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Learn about why public health plays a vital role in ensuring the health of communities across Ontario!

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Ontario Public Health Association

Committed to improving the health of Ontarians.

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Since 1949, OPHA has served as a catalyst for development in the Public Health sector.

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Nutrition Resource Centre

Credible public health nutrition at your fingertips.

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Strengthening the capacity of health professionals across all care settings and in all communities across Ontario.

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Our Services

Our dynamic team of registered dietitians, communications and public health professionals at the Nutrition Resource Centre (NRC) can provide a range of customized services for organizations, governments, academics/ researchers, community groups, collaborations and more. 

As a team experienced in capacity building and knowledge exchange for healthy eating and nutrition, we stay on top of advancements in the field of food and nutrition. Our Centre is well linked to Ontario’s health promotion and nutrition professionals and advancements. 

The NRC has significant experience:
  • Developing high-quality knowledge transfer and exchange products, such as technical reports, policy and evidence breifs, scoping reviews and environmental scans
  • Working with partners and academics to host and promote high-quality webinars, workshops, podcasts and conferences
  • Creating and reviewing healthy eating and nutrition resources for a variety of audiences and groups across the lifespan (prenatal, maternal, children, adults, older adults)
  • Developing healthy eating messages and communications tailored to the groups you work with and/ or hosting webinars (learn more about webinar services)
  • Designing both print and digital documents such as toolkits, resouce guides, reports and more
  • Providing evidence-based policy recommendations and reviews, and advising on policy development and implementation (e.g. sale of sugar sweetened beverages, healthy eating in a workplace or school setting, etc.) to address the food environment related to your work, organizational setting or target audience
  • Identifying gaps in knowledge (e.g. the connection between mental health and nutrition, improving nutrition in northern and remote communities, etc.) and creating opportunities for knowledge transfer and exchange
  • Assisting you with achieving your goals and targets for nutrition-related population health programming including assessments, planning, implementation and evaluation
  • Facilitating partnerships with other stakeholders and knowledge holders (e.g. researchers, academics, other nutrition-related and public health organizations, etc.)
  • Supporting your work around the Healthy Kids Community Challenge 
Some examples of recent projects include:
  • Refreshing nutrition guidelines for the Ontario Student Nutrition Program to incorporate current scientific evidence and best practices related to healthy eating for children and youth, which involved completing a literature review and environmental scan; conducting interviews; convening a review committee of experts; completing retail surveys across Ontario; revising the program guidelines and a training webinar for staff 
  • Conducting literature and jurisdictional scans related to menu labelling legislation, and engaging provincial and national nutrition experts to develop a technical document used to consult on the development of regulations under Ontario’s Bill 45 – Healthy Menu Choices Act
  • Facilitating regional events for community-based project managers to plan evidence-based healthy eating interventions 
  • Coordinating and updating the NutriStep toolkit, an Ontario-wide resource for community professionals to assess nutrition risk in preschoolers and toddlers, which involved developing content and supporting knowledge transfer and exchange surrounding the screening program
  • Working with our Health Promotion Resource Centres colleagues and partners  to review, provide content for and revise healthy eating and nutrition resources, evidence briefs and educational events on topics, such as:
    • Health impacts and policy measures surrounding sugar sweetened beverages
    • Impact of food skills programs on fruit and vegetable consumption among children and youth
    • Health before pregnancy/ healthy eating for a healthy baby
    • Healthy eating to support healthy schools
  • Leading workshops, hosting webinars and events, providing presentations and more on current and relevant healthy eating and nutrition topics
Have questions? Curious about how we can work together to meet your needs? Feel free to call us at 416-367-9914, email us at info@opha.on.ca or fill out the form below: