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Healthy Lifestyle - One Day At A Time

Healthy Lifestyle - One Day At A Time
Our next #30in30 #nutritionmonth blog post is from Hana Klimczak, RD. Thank you for submitting!
Trying to make a drastic lifestyle change can quickly get overwhelming and you can easily get discouraged. So why not change your lifestyle one day at a time instead; with small manageable steps than can easily be incorporated into your daily routine?
1.     Monday – Have breakfast before you leave home
Start your week off with a healthy, balanced breakfast and give your day a nutritious kick-start. Try a homemade fruit parfait made with1 cup plain yogurt, ½ cup of mango and a handful of nuts.
2.     Tuesday – Take lunch to work
Many people find it more convenient to buy lunch every day rather than to bring it. Why not pack lunch? Easy lunch ideas: cup of soup, sandwich and a yogurt; or dinner leftovers with a granola bar and a piece of fruit.
3.     Wednesday – Balance it
Today, use the rule of quarters! Balance your breakfast by including something from all four food groups. For example, have an open-faced peanut butter banana sandwich with a glass of milk! For lunch and dinner fill your plate so that one quarter of it is grains, one quarter protein and one half (two quarters) are veggies.
4.     Thursday – Include a super-food with your meals
Superfoods are packed with vitamins and minerals, and have many health benefits. Generally, brightly colored fruits and veggies can be classified as superfoods, as well as whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds. Add berries to your breakfast, add baby spinach and tomatoes to your sandwich at lunch, have salmon for dinner, and eat an orange and a handful of nuts as a snack.
5.     Friday – Indulge in your favourite food
After a busy week, indulge in your favourite food or dessert without feeling guilty. It is the moderation and balance of your overall diet that makes a healthy lifestyle.
6.     Saturday – Make your meals from scratch
Making meals from scratch does not mean spending the whole day in the kitchen. It does mean having fresher ingredients, less processed foods and less added salt. Why not make pancakes from scratch for breakfast and have them with fresh fruit, honey and a glass of milk. For lunch you can have a cheese and tomato sandwich with fruit yogurt and a piece of chocolate. Dinner can be grilled chicken with garlic mashed potatoes and a salad, with fruit for dessert. And throughout the day snack on home made trail mix.
7.     Sunday – Move it
Add 30 minutes of activity to your day. Go window-shopping with a friend. Make a snowman with the kids. Take the dogs out for a longer walk.
When you add healthy steps to your lifestyle one at a time, it will be easy to maintain them!
Hana Klimczak is a Master of Health Studies candidate and a Registered Dietitian, with experience in private practice, the media, corporate, clinical, long term care and community nutrition. Hana has written for Canadian Family Magazine, was interviewed and quoted by The Toronto, Star, The Huffington Post, Alive Magazine, Elevate Magazine and Toronto Star, and has appeared on CTV news.


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