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New Resource: Fuel up for Fun

New Resource: Fuel up for Fun
NEW Resource: Fuel Up for Fun provides practical tips for parents and community coaches working with sporty kids 6-15 years old.
Parents with kids involved in physical activity in and outside of school know managing training schedules and mealtimes is a challenge. Even as a dietitian, I found my meal planning creativity put to the test balancing the schedules of three sporty kids sometimes all going in different directions on the same night!

Well thanks to funding from ThinkBeef,  Fuel up for Fun is available to fill in that much needed gap offering practical strategies, addressing common challenges and even recipes. It’s a great fit with my blog YummyLunchClub.ca where I help to make planning and packing healthy lunches easier while helping kids to build food skills along the way.

Quick glance of key topics covered:
  • Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Children and Youth
  • Core elements of Canada’s Food Guide and how to build a healthy plate (and yes when the food guide is revamped so will this resource!)
  • What to offer kids before, during and after practices/games
  • Series of challenges and solutions such as tips to handle tournament days
  • How to take a food first approach to getting enough protein
  • Myths and facts about hydration
  • Meal planning tips and recipes
  • Healthy eating out strategies  

Resource development process
I wrote the nutrition portion of the resource with the invaluable input from Jodi Robinson, registered dietitian and many more RDs across the country who reviewed the resource and participated in telephone interviews.
Christa Costas-Bradstreet, a highly regarded Physical Activity consultant whom I’ve worked with before on several other government Eat Right Be Active type projects advised on the physical activity content.
A survey and telephone interviews with parents and coaches across the country also served to help refine the content and format.

ThinkBeef provided the funding to write, design, print and distribute the resource.  Many thanks to beef farmers who support the message to build a healthy plate with naturally nourishing food.
Order a print copy FREE!
Download a digital copy FREE!  
Suggestions, feedback and ideas for partnering are welcome!
Feel free to contact me, Carol Harrison at eatright1@gmail.com.
Thinkbeef.ca is dedicated to spreading the word about the taste, nutrition and goodness of beef. Thinkbeef.ca is supported by funds collected on all beef and beef products imported into Canada through the Canadian Beef Check-off Agency.


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