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"News in Brief" for October 31, 2017


  • Trick-or-treating with food allergies? Keep your eyes peeled for teal pumpkins
  • Lakehead University chosen for study to reduce student hunger
  • ‘Health Halo’ effects of food ads can mislead kids

"News in Brief" for October 30, 2017


  • Biology could be to blame for carbohydrates cravings
  • This is why child obesity rates have soared
  • Tips on reducing the massive Halloween haul: swap, substitute and donate

"News in Brief" for October 27, 2017


  • Toronto students embrace healthy eating through food education project
  • Etobicoke program teaches youth the art of farming
  • A food policy council is coming to Windsor-Essex

"News in Brief" for October 26, 2017


  • Soylent can no longer be sold in Canada, food inspection agency rules
  • Cooking for reconciliation: Chef Rich Francis tackling catering company, restaurant and TV shows
  • Avoid labelling food as good or bad

"News in Brief" for October 25, 2017


  • Hunger stands in the way of student success, says Toronto foundation
  • York University prof: it's time to stop treating obesity as a public health issue
  • Dietitian details proper portions to boost brain health

"News in Brief" for October 24, 2017


  • Is it healthy to skip breakfast?
  • Foods with 'no added sugar' might not add up to healthy eating, Canadian study finds
  • Wasserlauf and Kassam: Why a sugar tax would be sweet for Canadians and their health

"News in Brief" for October 23, 2017


  • This industry begging for bodies
  • New Montreal clinic aims to desensitize children to food allergies
  • Souped up: P.E.I. bone broth company looks to expand

"News in Brief" for October 20, 2017


  • Stress may harm gut health as much as junk food
  • Local dietitian Desiree Nielsen dissects the season's biggest plant-based food trends
  • Is your food sustainable? The HowGood app can tell

"News in Brief" for October 19, 2017


  • Is Doomie's vegan burger a healthier Big Mac alternative?: The Dish
  • Putting a cap on kids' screen time
  • Rocket debris is a risk to Inuit food security

"News in Brief" for October 18, 2017


  • Unwanted fruit from local trees a boon for Cambridge food bank
  • 6,000 Saskatoon students simultaneously bite into carrots
  • Vancouver map helps hungry people find healthy, low-cost food

"News in Brief" for October 17, 2017


  • As advocates push for sugar tax, advertising’s efforts still too sweet for some
  • What our kids say: Canada's schoolchildren send in their thoughts on wasting food
  • Why you can't stop watching food videos

"News in Brief" for October 16, 2017


  • Does diet quality improve with walnut consumption?
  • Does the world really need "diet" avocados?
  • Not your grandma's pickles: New generation embraces preserving on P.E.I.

"News in Brief" for October 13, 2017


  • Leslie Beck: Why your Thanksgiving dinner weight gain isn’t body fat
  • Omega-6 could lower type 2 diabetes risk by 35 percent
  • Are Brazil’s dietary guidelines changing its food industry?

"News in Brief" for October 12, 2017


  • Collingwood to extend Healthy Kids Community Challenge
  • Going bananas at the farmers market
  • Farm to School a growing program

"News in Brief" for October 11, 2017


  • A new app has a brilliant way to cut down food waste
  • David Wolfman helps usher in a new era of Indigenous cuisine
  • Tobacco country gets a makeover

"News in Brief" for October 10, 2017


  • Could the food in your garbage help fight food insecurity?
  • 'Food being used as a weapon': The lasting effects of colonialism on Indigenous food
  • Richmond's underground food market is a too-risky business

"News in Brief" for October 06, 2017


  • City of Toronto supports a national school food program
  • Drone to deliver food, goods to Moose Cree First Nation in northern Ontario
  • Science weighs in on how to get kids to eat their vegetables

"News in Brief" for October 05, 2017


  • Toronto to allow raising of backyard chickens in some neighbourhoods
  • School food project Grows
  • Government of Canada supports national farm to school initiative

"News in Brief" for October 04, 2017


  • Investment to help Ontarians eat local
  • 5 food products made from food waste
  • Atherosclerosis: Skipping breakfast may double risk

"News in Brief" for October 03, 2017


  • Ontario breast milk bank calling for donations as supply for preemies low
  • Pedal-powered smoothies on menu at youth forum
  • 'Striking' rate of food insecurity found in Indigenous communities, study suggests

"News in Brief" for October 02, 2017


  • Leslie Beck: Do you have to pass on pasta to lose weight?
  • Report: 20 percent of serious food safety violations go ignored
  • Study suggests artificial sweeteners may raise the risk of Type 2 diabetes