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"News in Brief" for November 30, 2016


  • Health unit backs bill banning junk food ads to children
  • The road to ending food waste
  • 'Bowl food' to continue trending in 2017, say trendspotters

"News in Brief" for November 30, 2015


  • The dark side of the kitchen
  • Sudbury Accent: Movement not to waste food grows
  • The Essentials Market is a different take on the food bank

"News in Brief" for November 27, 2015


  • Queen’s Park is failing hungry Ontarians: Cole
  • Omega-3: Why your fish oil supplements might not be fresh
  • U.N. declares 2016 as the International Year of Pulses

"News in Brief" for November 26, 2015


  • MOORE: Our survival depends on soil; stop treating it like dirt
  • The region’s largest food hub links 35 producers with 10 buyers, and funding from the province will help it expand
  • Adding seaweed to processed food could lower risk of heart disease

"News in Brief" for November 25, 2015


  • UBC food bank sees a spike in visits this year
  • MEND is a new family-based program to get fit and healthy
  • Prebiotic-packed foods fight adult weight gain, promote better health

"News in Brief" for November 24, 2015


  • Fort McMurray food bank tightening belt as demand exceeds supply
  • Local isn't better when it comes to how your food is grown
  • Food Banks Canada calls for action to fight hunger in North

"News in Brief" for November 23, 2015


  • Sudbury program focuses on health, not the scale
  • Province taking action to help cut down health care costs by launching educational program
  • Report shows food bank use decreased 3 per cent in N.B.

"News in Brief" for November 20, 2015


  • Chasing down Yemeni food in Toronto leads to the Danforth
  • Ontario’s agri-food sector is growing
  • Study: healthy eating ‘impossible’ financially for some

"News in Brief" for November 19, 2015


  • Breakfast for Learning's Social Impact Grant transforms Winnipeg school's breakfast program
  • Food Charter for region a reality
  • Vancouver co-op Knives & Forks allows investments in local food producers

"News in Brief" for November 18, 2015


  • Say bye to fries: dietitians push for healthier options in sport and recreation facilities
  • In Montreal, refugee finds sense of home through food
  • Table Talk: Fresh thoughts from Changing the Menu conference on school food

"News in Brief" for November 17, 2015


  • Food bank demand way up in Alberta
  • Farmer tax credit for food bank donations backed by health minister
  • Go beyond dairy for the calcium your body needs for good bone health

"News in Brief" for November 16, 2015


  • Agriculture can improve the lives of older adults through healthy foods
  • Glen Murray calls for food strategy in climate change battle
  • How butchering your own meat is better, safer, more food-conscious

"News in Brief" for November 13, 2015


  • Drive-through grocery shopping comes to Vancouver
  • 4 food trend predictions for 2016
  • Don't Reward Corporations for Donating Food Waste, Critic Says

"News in Brief" for November 12, 2015


  • Breaking Down The Campus Food Revolution
  • New technology will help in the fight against food expiry-date fraud
  • MealSurfers offers hungry people authentic food from home cooks

"News in Brief" for November 11, 2015


  • Agave, stevia sweeteners to be used with caution, dietitian advises
  • Supermarket Confusion: ’One Sweet App’
  • You may look productive skipping lunch, but you aren’t

"News in Brief" for November 10, 2015


  • 25% of Manitoba's off-reserve First Nations population food insecure
  • Food advocate sheds light on challenges of eating local
  • How our children’s guts can affect their adult health

"News in Brief" for November 09, 2015


  • Foodopoly: Growing healthy eating habits
  • Manitobans, Canadians have among the highest obesity rates
  • Functional foods could help fight diseases

"News in Brief" for November 06, 2015


  • Food costs overwhelm families
  • Hope Blooms goes off the grid, will grow food year-round
  • Grocery store secrets: Best-before dates tampered, workers claim

"News in Brief" for November 05, 2015


  • Canada’s diabetes rate worse than the US: report
  • Foodopoly: Growing healthy eating habits
  • Protein-enhanced foods may not help you shed weight

"News in Brief" for November 04, 2015


  • Climate change may lead to more malnutrition – UN
  • More fruits, veggies in youth linked to healthy heart decades later
  • Natural colors becoming a go-to, still prove challenging

"News in Brief" for November 03, 2015


  • Pete Luckett’s stores to become arm of Sobey’s
  • Wild salmon fraud a widespread problem, says new report
  • Donating ‘edible waste’ to food banks in exchange for tax credit? Now that’s a rubbish idea

"News in Brief" for November 02, 2015


  • Burger King's role in school lunch program defended
  • Loblaws won't block new food store from opening in old Shop Easy
  • Opinion: Growing food in public places brings people together