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"News in Brief" for March 31, 2016


  • 7 tips to help 'feed it forward' in your community
  • A sustainable breakthrough? Dutch dietary advice cuts meat by almost half
  • Majority of canned foods in Canada and the U.S. have high amounts of toxic BPA chemical: study

"News in Brief" for March 30, 2016


  • Food bank managers adjusting to new upward pressure
  • New app helps those with food allergies
  • 'Alarming' number of canned foods still contain BPA, new report warns

"News in Brief" for March 29, 2016


  • Young Farmers hoping to grow in Labrador
  • Hull supermarket could help community, say smaller grocery stores
  • Canadian food banks anxious to adopt Starbucks food plan

"News in Brief" for March 24, 2016


  • Community collaboration key to food access in Halton
  • OFA Director on Six By Sixteen move on-Line
  • New genetically-engineered potato approved for Canada

"News in Brief" for March 23, 2016


  • Make good food a local priority
  • Food bank launches slow cooker program
  • Food processors get a kick start with Food Starter

"News in Brief" for March 22, 2016


  • Grape growing potential 'wide open' in Newfoundland, says provincial fruit expert
  • Alberta Food Banks get largest-ever donation from CIBC as demand soars
  • In a rush? Here’s what to eat for breakfast in the morning

"News in Brief" for March 21, 2016


  • Food bank makes push for guaranteed minimum incomes
  • Filling students' plates: School lunches on education minister's radar
  • Study seeks to uncover local food demand in Alberta

"News in Brief" for March 18, 2016


  • Eat great and participate: Nutrition at the Labrador Winter Games
  • Soybean-soaked seagulls remind restaurants to seal up their waste
  • Anger as new Eatwell Guide slashes dairy

"News in Brief" for March 17, 2016


  • Hacking Food: U of T initiative tackles food security in Canada’s largest city
  • Food share programs helping cut growing cost of produce
  • Plastic-wrapped, precut avocado prompts outcry over overpackaging

"News in Brief" for March 16, 2016


  • Halifax woman preserving African Nova Scotian culture through food
  • French’s ketchup becomes patriotic symbol after Loblaw restores brand
  • City's first food security report card highlights successes, challenges in the region

"News in Brief" for March 15, 2016


  • Victoria’s newest urban farm in operation at Dockside Green
  • University of Alberta students create award-winning gelato with fermented beans
  • A&W wants cage-free eggs in 2 years and that means rapid change for farmers

"News in Brief" for March 14, 2016


  • Eat Fit Project shares food skills with indigenous youth
  • Kids grow 'food forest'
  • Some organic, free-range eggs more nutritious, Marketplace investigation finds

"News in Brief" for March 11, 2016


  • Thousands of kids crunch on apples countrywide to promote local, healthy school food
  • Southeast N.B. trying to attract more food tourism
  • Low dollar won’t necessarily make 2016 a banner year for local produce

"News in Brief" for March 10, 2016


  • Making meals matter in March
  • Quebec City mayor relents on food trucks, but not until 2017
  • Studies: Beyond scales, fitness and body fat key for health

"News in Brief" for March 09, 2016


  • 5 types of food trucks we want to see in Toronto
  • Council endorses Nipissing and Area Food Charter
  • Farming isn’t rocket science, or is it?

"News in Brief" for March 08, 2016


  • Nova Scotia's food security lags compared to much of Canada
  • Sudbury food forest takes step forward
  • Cultivating investment opportunities in the local food business

"News in Brief" for March 07, 2016


  • Oilpatch slowdown steers couple back to farming
  • Another community garden on way
  • P.E.I. non-profit groups require food handling safety course

"News in Brief" for March 04, 2016


  • Dietitian says Canada Food Guide is 'ineffective and confusing'
  • Canada's first wellness rewards program launches in BC
  • The ASPQ calls on Canadian Health Minister Philpott to act on trans fats

"News in Brief" for March 03, 2016


  • Waste not: Ugly fruits and veggies now available at some B.C. grocery stores
  • U of C research says prebiotics can reduce obesity during pregnancy
  • Mother attributes change in diet to 'saving' toddler

"News in Brief" for March 02, 2016


  • A cool tool – Online nutrition screening site is great way to assess, improve a child’s eating & activity habits
  • Food processing course aims to make traditional food market-ready
  • Introduce sugar tax, ban food and drink ads for kids: Senate obesity report

"News in Brief" for March 01, 2016


  • Cereal loses its snap, crackle, pop with consumers
  • Canadian pulses for the world
  • Canadian agency given deadline by U.S. body to clean up food safety