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"News in Brief" for March 31, 2015


  • Grey Bruce Health Unit Calls For Healthy Arena Food
  • Child obesity charts open door to treatment
  • An apple a day doesn't necessarily keep the doctor away: study

"News in Brief" for March 30, 2015


  • The vitamin D dilemma: How much should we be taking?
  • Stress eating at work? 4 ways to eat healthy on the job
  • Students’ choices now last lifetime

"News in Brief" for March 26, 2015


  • Half Your Plate aims to get people to consume more fruits and vegetables
  • Feeding productivity and happiness: Employers often overlook value of nutrition
  • Going hungry: Almost one in 10 Torontonians can't afford healthy food

"News in Brief" for March 25, 2015


  • Happy Cheapskate: Supper tips for busy parents
  • The skinny on snack bars: What to look for on the nutrition label

"News in Brief" for March 24, 2015


  • I’ve lost the weight, now can I ditch the diet?
  • Eating well and good nutrition starts at home
  • Guelph experts’ advice on working and eating from 9 to 5

"News in Brief" for March 23, 2015


  • Amy's Kitchen recalls various products over listeria concerns
  • For nutrition boost without the calories, fill your plate with leafy greens
  • Sun Run nutrition tips: Quench your thirst, boost your performance

"News in Brief" for March 20, 2015


  • Grocery redevelopment set to relieve west end food desert
  • Fight Rising Food Prices in Four Easy Steps
  • Fast-food ban fails to curb obesity in poor South L.A

"News in Brief" for March 19, 2015


  • Organic food products recalled due to salmonella threat
  • New centre aims to help people in low-income area make healthy food choices
  • Moncton program offers fresh, healthy food to those in need

"News in Brief" for March 18, 2015


  • Novel drinks deliver nutrient overkill, create health concerns for consumers
  • How to eat 9 to 5
  • To juice or not to juice? Vancouver dietitians dump on juice-cleanse trend

"News in Brief" for March 17, 2015


  • Surviving shift work: 5 nutrition tips from an AHS dietitian
  • Eat Well 9-5 for Nutrition Month
  • Vitamin D supplements aren’t all sunshine and lollipops

"News in Brief" for March 16, 2015


  • 'Rainbow Plate' uses colours of fruits, veggies as guideline to healthy eating
  • Calgary conference tackles Alberta’s weight bias
  • Proposed label change won’t solve our sugar problem

"News in Brief" for March 13, 2015


  • Stone Soup fundraiser doles out yummy bowls for school nutrition programs
  • Helpful ideas to eat healthy during nutrition month and far beyond
  • Loblaws sells ugly fruit at a discount to curb food waste

"News in Brief" for March 12, 2015


  • Healthy eating for Nutrition Month
  • Parents need to eat healthy, too
  • Eating Niagara: Grow local, grow our economy

"News in Brief" for March 11, 2015


  • Big food companies try to get healthy, but are consumers buying it?
  • Awareness key in food insecurity
  • Nutrition Month – Tips for Eating Healthy While at Work

"News in Brief" for March 10, 2015


  • Healthy eating in the workplace
  • Nutrition by age: A guide to eating healthfully and meeting daily needs
  • Time for an oil change?

"News in Brief" for March 09, 2015


  • Healthy eating in the workplace
  • Best Desk Snack Choices From a Dietitian
  • A heated debate about raw food

"News in Brief" for March 06, 2015


  • Mississauga seniors receive $20,363 for nutrition program
  • Excess sugar lurks in kids' meals at restaurant chains, U of T researchers say
  • Unhealthy food taxes vital to fight obesity: UN investigator

"News in Brief" for March 05, 2015


  • Sugar intake should be reduced to 5-10% of calories, WHO says
  • Sugar levels in kids’ meals are higher than WHO guidelines: Canadian study
  • Global health agency wants you to slash those spoonfuls of sugar from your diet

"News in Brief" for March 04, 2015


  • Oxford receives $15,000 grant for healthy eating
  • Cancer Care Ontario Wants You to Get Healthy
  • Eating 9 to 5 the healthy way for Nutrition Month

"News in Brief" for March 03, 2015


  • Debunking Fad Diets
  • Enriched white pastas and breads, or whole grain ones – which are better for you?
  • How to maintain healthy eating habits while on shift work

"News in Brief" for March 02, 2015


  • The War on Wheat
  • Wheat Belly arguments are based on shaky science, critics say
  • 'Made-in-the-North' changes coming to food subsidy program: AANDC