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"News in Brief" for June 30, 2017


  • Quebec introduces Rebels ugly produce brand
  • Food Policy in the works for Canada
  • Transforming our food system

"News in Brief" for June 29, 2017


  • Banning of junk food sales in Canadian schools having a positive effect: study
  • Farmers for hire turn backyards into vegetable patches
  • Spreading the word about local food

"News in Brief" for June 28, 2017


  • Ontario Food Banks Have Changed, But The Need For Them Hasn't
  • 10 million tonnes of fish catches dumped back into oceans: study
  • New data indicates that Canadians have increased their protein consumption

"News in Brief" for June 27, 2017


  • Food columnist says we're suckers for food fads — and restaurateurs are cashing in
  • Is buying organic really worth it?
  • Naomi Dachner on food insecurity and health care costs in Canada

"News in Brief" for June 26, 2017


  • City’s urban agriculture policy anticipated as boon to movement
  • School junk food bans have positive impact on weight: New Brunswick health economist
  • Is it healthy to put children on a vegan or gluten-free diet?

"News in Brief" for June 23, 2017


  • Regulate distances between schools, fast food restaurants: N.B. dietitians
  • New federal healthy eating strategy may lead to warning symbols on your cheese
  • NYC school gardens in every borough: Brooklyn

"News in Brief" for June 22, 2017


  • Indigenous chef tells his own story through food
  • Food security matters
  • Churchill's main retailer to stop subsidizing food prices on June 25

"News in Brief" for June 21, 2017


  • 'Garbage food for garbage people' not solution to hunger
  • How do you reduce food waste at local supermarkets? Ask a second grader
  • 9 in 10 Canadians see no progress being made on food insecurity, poll finds

"News in Brief" for June 20, 2017


  • Operation Sharing’s Town Hall meeting to delve into food security, poverty
  • ‘Dial-a-dietitian’ to be part of health-care action plan
  • Meat prices set to rise up to 9% this year even as other groceries take less of a bite

"News in Brief" for June 19, 2017


  • Local food is becoming more worldly and diverse: The New Farm
  • Giving kids food as a reward can lead to emotional eating: dietitian
  • Leslie Beck: Eight ways to slash excess calories from your summer diet

"News in Brief" for June 16, 2017


  • Ashbridge Food and Learning Hub in Leslieville expands into urban farm
  • Basic income best way to help families reliably put food on the table: report
  • Father's Day PSA: your kids are what you eat

"News in Brief" for June 15, 2017


  • Seattle’s soda tax finds the sweet spot in fight against obesity: Wells
  • America Needs To Get More Strategic About Food Policy
  • Fruit and vegetable subsidies may work five times better than soda taxes

"News in Brief" for June 14, 2017


  • Fruits and veggies front and centre at the market
  • Meet the farmer who wants to turn northern agriculture on its head
  • FDA delays rule requiring new nutrition facts panel on food

"News in Brief" for June 13, 2017


  • Guelph urban farm co-op offers high school credit
  • From seal tartare to bison on a bun, Indigenous chefs are reclaiming their heritage one plate at a time
  • Are there really antioxidants in that juice? How to protect against food fraud.

"News in Brief" for June 12, 2017


  • Health Canada takes aim at junk food ads targeting kids
  • A little fibre a day can help pounds fly away for overweight kids, Calgary study suggests
  • Feds give Agriculture in the Classroom program nearly $570K in funding

"News in Brief" for June 09, 2017


  • Looking for farm fresh produce? There's a map for that!
  • Boreal launches local food project
  • Does drinking cow's milk help children grow taller?

"News in Brief" for June 08, 2017


  • Local food will cost you more under $15 minimum wage: Simcoe County farmer
  • To diet or to exercise? The age-old weight loss question
  • Indigenous food has deep roots in Canada - but credit not always given

"News in Brief" for June 07, 2017


  • Community farming project in Toronto’s Brockton Village grows food in front yards
  • Like discontinued Skippy's, road to grocery market share not always smooth
  • Muskegon neighborhood program connecting patients with fresh produce

"News in Brief" for June 06, 2017


  • Canadian children are consuming five times more sugar than they should
  • PEI Food Exchange launches Garden Share website
  • So what’s the verdict on gluten-free diets? Turns out, there isn’t one — at least not in studies, dietitian says

"News in Brief" for June 05, 2017


  • Growing Foods From Around the World in Ontario Soil
  • Kids learn to grow, cook and enjoy healthy foods at the Table’s After School Program
  • Food policy could become food fight

"News in Brief" for June 02, 2017


  • Canadians asked to weigh in on food policy
  • Vertical farms grow amid skyscrapers in a plan to help feed China’s largest city
  • A wealthier India sees alarming rise in adolescent diabetes

"News in Brief" for June 01, 2017


  • Stop-gap initiatives, like GoodFood Help, improve food security
  • Foodbank's 'absolutely stunning' landfill diversion program expanding across B.C.
  • Our kids should be protected from junk-food ads