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"News in Brief" for June 30, 2016


  • From garden-to-kitchen; Winnipeg Harvest teaching gardening, cooking
  • Quebec to require best-before dates on meat products
  • Is industry or individual at heart of obesity epidemic?

"News in Brief" for June 29, 2016


  • Toronto organizations receive grants from Local Food Investment Fund
  • Cider available in grocery stores
  • Farmers among most vulnerable regarding mental health: study from U of G

"News in Brief" for June 28, 2016


  • Leslie Beck: Build and burn the smart way
  • Nunavut food prices: Most basic groceries are pricier than many trendy foods
  • Chile aims at obesity by banning sale of unhealthy food in schools and with toys

"News in Brief" for June 27, 2016


  • FoodShare Toronto crowdfunding $30,000 to install kitchen at its new Mount Dennis location
  • Middlesex-London Community Food Assessment report says we're sending corn and soybeans to the world, not growing much for ourselves
  • Flashfood app will let you buy surplus food at a discount

"News in Brief" for June 24, 2016


  • New fund to help battle chronic disease in Nova Scotia
  • Opinion: Not enough money for food is B.C.'s undiagnosed health issue
  • Simple prevention steps could reduce cancer risk by two-thirds

"News in Brief" for June 23, 2016


  • Canada’s food landscape full of ‘swamps’: Saskatchewan researcher
  • Fat and Sugar, Part 2
  • Hunger in Winnipeg: More grocery stores won't fix inner city problem, study says

"News in Brief" for June 22, 2016


  • Health Kids Challenge phase 2: Up with water, down with sugary drinks
  • Lawson Health Research Institute study finds kids more likely to get junk food after school when with their parents in a car
  • Meal replacement drinks: What's the deal?

"News in Brief" for June 21, 2016


  • Montreal dépanneurs to offer fresh fruit, veggies
  • New female nutrition guideline offers best practices for women’s health
  • International confirmation of threats of salmon farming to wild salmon

"News in Brief" for June 20, 2016


  • Sudburians asked to share extra fruit this summer
  • Farming in the city: aquaponics farm comes to Montreal
  • U of S professor wants to fix 'food swamps' in Saskatoon

"News in Brief" for June 17, 2016


  • Creating a Local, Sustainable Food System
  • Eat real, unprocessed foods, doctors' group advises Canadian women
  • Vitamin D may not be a great solution to health problems

"News in Brief" for June 16, 2016


  • Nunavut hunters to supply country food to the needy
  • Ontario asked to fight chronic disease among aboriginals
  • Food conference to discuss looming food shortage

"News in Brief" for June 15, 2016


  • City Council passes by-law to allow urban hens
  • Province plans $10-million expansion of Edmonton-area food processing incubator
  • Millennials are abandoning restaurants for an unexpected place

"News in Brief" for June 14, 2016


  • Richmond school food program does more than just feed students
  • Study reveals misguided familial affection leads to household food waste
  • When a Big Mac is better for you than a salad

"News in Brief" for June 13, 2016


  • Food strategy deemed a priority
  • Peterborough Public Health celebrates new location, new name and new community kitchen
  • Vancouver-based magazine celebrates women at every weight

"News in Brief" for June 10, 2016


  • Province encouraged by uptake of new mandatory food handling course
  • A high price for nutrition
  • New food policy centre aims to inform

"News in Brief" for June 09, 2016


  • Seacan farm to bring cheap, fresh produce to Nunavut
  • Halifax children’s hospital stops selling sugary drinks, promotes healthy choices
  • Greenbelt Fund and Ont. invest in bringing local produce to Subway

"News in Brief" for June 08, 2016


  • Immigrant students dig into learning English at Halifax urban farm
  • Province highlights local food champs
  • Low-fat movement has failed to prevent obesity epidemic: study

"News in Brief" for June 07, 2016


  • Vertical farming a game-changer for Manitoba First Nation
  • Programs aim to connect schoolkids to their food, its preparation and origins
  • Toronto's food insecurity can't be fixed by charity

"News in Brief" for June 06, 2016


  • French’s Food Company partners with company to bottle all ketchup in Canada
  • New market brings fresh food to Montreal's Old Port
  • Irradiating food more appetizing than you think, says Dal food expert

"News in Brief" for June 03, 2016


  • Why Buying Local Really Means Supporting Your Community
  • Picky eating ‘can be repaired’
  • Clinical trial demonstrates success of low FODMAP diet

"News in Brief" for June 02, 2016


  • City to offer tax break to grow food on vacant lots
  • Fact check: Are cold-pressed juices worth the hype?
  • FDA issues new guidelines on salt, pressuring food industry

"News in Brief" for June 01, 2016


  • NEO Kids program helps obese and overweight children
  • New survey shows Canadians view farmers favourably but know little or nothing about farming
  • How saliva determines our food-texture preferences