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"News in Brief" for June 27, 2014


  • New York ‘soda ban’ loses its final court battle
  • Social Assistance food rates increasing on P.E.I.

"News in Brief" for June 25, 2014


  • FDA lays out plan to oversee tiny nanoparticles in food, cosmetics
  • Ottawa creates health-care innovation panel with aim of renewing, sustaining system
  • Ottawa creates panel to improve quality and efficiency of health care

"News in Brief" for June 24, 2014


  • Are allergy-free peanuts coming to a grocery store near you?
  • What’s a healthier choice than cow's milk: rice, soy or almond?
  • Food bank expanding in Parkland County

"News in Brief" for June 23, 2014


  • Apple, Google, Samsung vie to bring health apps to wearables
  • Indigenous health-care research gets $10M from Toronto doctor
  • Study sheds light on how hard you exercise

"News in Brief" for June 20, 2014


  • Downtown Winnipeg dubbed least healthy neighbourhood
  • Registered dietitian questions if gluten-free is the way to be?
  • Weight loss may be hard, but it’s not impossible — you just need your own ‘lightning rod moment’ to decide it’s time

"News in Brief" for June 19, 2014


  • California bill requiring warning labels on sugary drinks fails; lawmakers doubt effectiveness
  • Coconut sugar: Is it healthier than white sugar, or just hype?
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation ends Health Check program

"News in Brief" for June 18, 2014


  • FDA to issue voluntary guidelines for food industry to reduce salt
  • Inability to taste and respond to fat in food may explain why some overeat: Study
  • Salt limit suggestions for food industry moves a step in U.S.

"News in Brief" for June 17, 2014


  • Adequate food not an option on social assistance
  • Don't wash raw chicken, cook it, UK food safety campaign advises
  • Lentils everywhere? Ten natural-food trends that could go mainstream

"News in Brief" for June 16, 2014


  • Caffeine may affect teen girls and boys differently
  • Chia powder linked to salmonella cases in Canada, U.S.
  • Healthy diet not possible on social assistance

"News in Brief" for June 13, 2014


  • Can we really trust corporately sponsored health experts?
  • Overweight, obesity class includes 1 in 5 Canadian youth
  • City supports healthy eating program to nourish kids' potential

"News in Brief" for June 12, 2014


  • Bring back the food garden, says Food Share PEI
  • Gleaners' group organized for Chatham-Kent
  • New advice for parents: don’t baby your babies

"News in Brief" for June 11, 2014


  • Keep It Simple: It's Easy to Stay Healthy During Men's Health Week
  • Kids need outdoor play, not just sports, say experts
  • Study suggests red meat tied to breast cancer but not all experts convinced

"News in Brief" for June 10, 2014


  • California residents support tax on sugary drinks
  • If fruits and vegetables had labels, here’s what their nutrition facts would say
  • No more mindless munchies: Nine ways to be more mindful of how you eat

"News in Brief" for June 08, 2014


  • A fresh food campaign wants to hear from you
  • Supermarket confusion: You got served
  • Canadians lowball how much alcohol they drink, especially wine: survey

"News in Brief" for June 06, 2014


  • Ontarians Warned Not To Eat Certain Sprouted Chia Products
  • Province expanding nutrition program to Manitoba Schools
  • Spread out protein intake to gain muscle mass, new study says

"News in Brief" for June 05, 2014


  • Bottoms up? Court weighs reinstating NYC ban on big sugary drinks
  • What you need to know about protein
  • Why efforts against obesity aren’t working

"News in Brief" for June 03, 2014


  • How to get your kid to like veggies? Study says start young, keep trying
  • Local food week kicks off across Ontario
  • Why not all diet foods are diet friendly

"News in Brief" for June 02, 2014


  • 3 separate food recalls issued for Alberta over health concerns
  • Food chain: Making wholesome affordable food available downtown
  • Obesity rates: Is the Body Mass Index a good measurement?