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"News in Brief" for July 15, 2016


  • How the Charlottetown Farmers' Market connects local food to families in need
  • Is organic food healthier?
  • Binge eating on the rise in young adults

"News in Brief" for July 31, 2015


  • Are Food Labels Honest?
  • Community garden helps Edmonton’s most vulnerable citizens connect
  • What One Can of Coke Does to Your Body in Only One Hour

"News in Brief" for July 30, 2015


  • Many Alberta teachers give ‘emergency food’ to hungry students, survey says
  • NOSM dietetic internship fully accredited
  • Sweet Tooth, Foggy Brain? The Surprising Link Between Diet and Memory

"News in Brief" for July 29, 2015


  • How North Americans can lose weight without giving up a single calorie
  • Superfood status for fruits and vegetables overvalued, dietitian says
  • Point-of-Sale System to Be Made Mandatory for Nutrition North Retailers

"News in Brief" for July 28, 2015


  • Is it really okay to eat insects for a source of protein?
  • Grocera offers online shopping for local food
  • Smallholder Farmers Are The New Global Food Frontier

"News in Brief" for July 27, 2015


  • How ‘cleanse’ became code for ‘diet’ (and why no one wants to admit it)
  • Delivering food to those in need
  • Learn to live like a locavore

"News in Brief" for July 24, 2015


  • High soda intake may boost diabetes risk, even without obesity
  • Muskoka food co-op offers bonds to raise funds for construction
  • Expert panel sets nutrition guidelines to manage GI symptoms in autism

"News in Brief" for July 23, 2015


  • Get your garlic on this summer
  • Kids moving away for school? Prep them for better university nutrition
  • Shelves bare at several Alberta food banks as usage increases

"News in Brief" for July 22, 2015


  • Drinking coffee may lower inflammation, reduce diabetes risk
  • Loyalist provides food for thought
  • What do farmers’ markets bring to a community?

"News in Brief" for July 21, 2015


  • Retail Dietitians Help You Make Healthy Food Choices
  • Can Kids Help Grownups Eat Better?
  • New Aboriginal diabetes office in spotlight

"News in Brief" for July 20, 2015


  • Celebrating Aboriginal cuisine with recipes from Chef David Wolfman
  • Orillia's Home Hardware grows greens for food bank
  • That Sugar App

"News in Brief" for July 17, 2015


  • Imagine a Squamish with abundant fresh food
  • Local chef Cookie Martinez sells baked crickets in her Colombian street food
  • NB survey on local buying habits now online

"News in Brief" for July 16, 2015


  • Corner stores in Toronto are getting a new kind of power wall: fresh fruit
  • Food For Thought asks Cobourg's help
  • Gluten pill may allow celiac disease sufferers to enjoy pizza, beer

"News in Brief" for July 15, 2015


  • Does being a foodie make you healthier?
  • Exercise and a high quality diet is your prescription to good health, says Pan Am Games nutritionist
  • How to Eat Healthy While on Vacation

"News in Brief" for July 14, 2015


  • Edmonton restaurant turning trash into tasty treasures
  • Food Council Seeking Members
  • How to Get the Health Benefits From Fermented Foods

"News in Brief" for July 13, 2015


  • 45 Cities Will Sign Urban Food Policy Pact on World Food Day in Milan
  • City of Ottawa picks fight over front yard garden
  • Day camps focus on food

"News in Brief" for July 10, 2015


  • Bespoke diets based on gut microbes could help beat disease and obesity
  • Cineplex shrinking soft drink sizes, but not prices
  • Senior men eat fewer fruit and vegetables, UBC study finds

"News in Brief" for July 09, 2015


  • Research: Feed children greens early in life
  • That Sugar Film
  • The battle for breast milk

"News in Brief" for July 08, 2015


  • Anatomy of a Supermarket Purchase
  • The New #YouAreWelcome Food Truck Brings Aboriginal Cuisine to Toronto During the 2015 Pan Am Games
  • Why Sit-Down Meals May Be Just As Unhealthful As Fast Food

"News in Brief" for July 07, 2015


  • General Mills says it will drop artificial colours, flavours from cereals
  • Will future of food be an election plank?

"News in Brief" for July 06, 2015


  • Food banks not a solution for food insecurity
  • Look at what the dietitian is eating - Part 1
  • The time when the government tried to feed everybody

"News in Brief" for July 03, 2015


  • How to have a safe and healthful picnic
  • Talking sustainability with Dr. Gary Adamkiewicz
  • Vaughan students' healthy habits live on in summer

"News in Brief" for July 02, 2015


  • A Dose Of Culinary Medicine Sends Med Students To The Kitchen
  • Early exposure may ward off some allergies, research suggests
  • Fast-food calorie posting not enough: Port Hope dietitians