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"News in Brief" for January 29, 2016


  • Healthy Kids Community Challenge aims to help kids get fit
  • Important to dispel misconceptions about farming: OFA president
  • Pill popping problems

"News in Brief" for January 28, 2016


  • You are what you eat
  • Chickens and goats subject of petition to Cornwall, P.E.I.
  • Decision on extended N.L. food fishery should be 'based on science not politics,' says George Rose

"News in Brief" for January 27, 2016


  • Health unit promoting nutrition in schools
  • Starvation in Canada: Food insecurity in the north
  • Toronto doctor fights malnutrition — with tiny packets of powder

"News in Brief" for January 26, 2016


  • Legion launches Community Outreach Program
  • Manitoba among top 4 with highest inflation
  • From fiddleheads to pine needles: a guide to foraging food in Toronto

"News in Brief" for January 25, 2016


  • U of L project looks to connect local food producers, consumers
  • Scarborough doctor's book says insulin makes you fat, fasting makes you thin
  • A green light for new Ontario milk ingredient class

"News in Brief" for January 22, 2016


  • Alberta food deserts: Calgary, Edmonton lacking healthy food access, study says
  • SaskCanola releases License To Farm documentary
  • From tree to table: The Arctic Apple is ready to blossom

"News in Brief" for January 21, 2016


  • First Nation farm start-up aid offered by Indian Agricultural Program of Ontario
  • Organic foods vs. conventional foods
  • The rising cost of food: A national food policy should focus on health and sustainability

"News in Brief" for January 20, 2016


  • Target poverty to eliminate food insecurity: health unit
  • Calgary students fueled by weekend food hamper program
  • Farmers' mental health to be surveyed for University of Guelph study

"News in Brief" for January 19, 2016


  • High food prices hurting low-income people
  • How to save yourself some money as food prices rise
  • 10 restaurant trends to leave us salivating in 2016

"News in Brief" for January 18, 2016


  • N.L. could soon see more organic farms, advocates say
  • Good Food Junction closing in Saskatoon
  • Demand rising for health-focused weight loss

"News in Brief" for January 15, 2016


  • How to eat healthy amid soaring food prices
  • Mushrooms: The go-to ingredient for 2016?
  • New Dietary Guidelines remove restriction on total fat...

"News in Brief" for January 14, 2016


  • 4STARFood.ca : A New Year's Resolution for Canada's Workplaces
  • Californians Overwhelmingly Support Soda Warning Labels, Poll Shows
  • Cheap Canadian dollar making fruits and vegetables much more expensive

"News in Brief" for January 13, 2016


  • A Personalized Diet, Better Suited To You
  • Canada's beef industry producing more with less greenhouse gas emissions: study
  • How to rein in your sweet tooth

"News in Brief" for January 12, 2016


  • 8 Signs Americans Are Moving Towards a Healthier, Saner Diet
  • Baltimore health commissioner and city councilman will introduce sugar sweetened beverage warning bill
  • David Cameron threatens to introduce sugar tax if industry fails to combat 'obesity crisis'

"News in Brief" for January 11, 2016


  • Campbell to become first major manufacturer to label GMO ingredients
  • Cartoon characters could help children embrace fruits and veggies, study finds
  • Is taxing sugary drinks the answer to obesity and diabetes epidemic?

"News in Brief" for January 08, 2016


  • 5 things to know about food insecurity in Canada
  • Big food politics victories in 2015
  • Observational study of Mexico's beverage tax draws no conclusions

"News in Brief" for January 07, 2016


  • Guelph childhood obesity study recruiting 100 families
  • So, artisanal chicken … yup, it’s a real thing
  • Parody ad campaign touts Northern Canada as ‘the home of high prices’

"News in Brief" for January 06, 2016


  • Ottawa researcher helps design traditional foods program in Inuvik
  • Young Innovators: Students study power of pulses to combat hunger
  • Surrey Food Bank feels squeeze from real estate boom

"News in Brief" for January 05, 2016


  • Wants, needs, and some advice for young farmers
  • Youth association collecting ‘A Million Pounds of Food’
  • Urban farming is growing, but needs nurturing

"News in Brief" for January 04, 2016


  • Vancouver teens’ smart cutlery tells users about food nutrition
  • Alberta’s oil slump could trigger a spike in obesity rates as thousands cope with layoffs, specialists say
  • Inmates briefly resume hunger strike at Regina jail