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"News in Brief" for January 30, 2015


  • Pressure cookers speed up home-cooked meals, Tammy Cheguis says
  • Strategies to curb pesky food cravings
  • Most Canadians don’t understand food nutrition labels

"News in Brief" for January 29, 2015


  • Ontario Establishes Goals to Increase Awareness of Local Food
  • If everyone wants to be a celebrity chef, who will work in restaurants?
  • Diet Decoder: Do the claims of the Bulletproof Diet add up?

"News in Brief" for January 28, 2015


  • Healthy food beyond reach of thousands in Niagara
  • Label lessons: Tips to help you shop for healthier foods in 2015

"News in Brief" for January 27, 2015


  • Most school menus get failing grade from doctors, dietitians
  • Obesity health strategy in Canada shifts to prevention
  • Weigh your patients, say new obesity guidelines for MDs

"News in Brief" for January 26, 2015


  • 6 (more) common misconceptions about nutrition
  • Ending the war with our bodies
  • New rating system would be easier to digest than current nutrition labels: study

"News in Brief" for January 23, 2015


  • Data shows cost of healthy eating out of reach for some low-income families
  • Rising cost of food making healthy eating less accessible to poor

"News in Brief" for January 22, 2015


  • Idea of local 'food hub' has Cape Breton producers talking
  • Scrap the diet!
  • University of Alberta gets $1.6-million, five-year grant to study childhood obesity

"News in Brief" for January 21, 2015


  • Provincial coalition calls for tax on sugar-laden soft drinks
  • Current nutrition labeling is hard to digest
  • The latest report on food marketing to kids

"News in Brief" for January 20, 2015


  • Pizza lunches: Does the convenience come at a cost?
  • Sitting for prolonged periods increases risk of death, disease: study
  • What’s the buzz about bee pollen?

"News in Brief" for January 19, 2015


  • 7 tips for eating healthier in 2015
  • Stronger nutrition labelling on Toronto Board of Health agenda
  • New year, new diet: Tips for successful weight loss in 2015

"News in Brief" for January 16, 2015


  • Detox or cleanse? You may want to try ‘clean eating’ instead
  • A detox diet of only juice is not the answer to a healthier, slimmer body
  • Recess Promotes Healthy Eating by School Kids: Study

"News in Brief" for January 15, 2015


  • Gwyneth Paltrow and celebrity diets are not the key to health
  • Healthy eating on the go
  • Are sweets ruining your diet resolutions? Here are four tips to eat less sugar

"News in Brief" for January 14, 2015


  • What's the secret to Japan's slender population?
  • Saskatoon group slams food waste
  • Study refutes claim antioxidants prolong life

"News in Brief" for January 13, 2015


  • A layman’s guide to nutrition news report
  • Food education the law in Japan
  • Top 15 healthy eating habits for 2015

"News in Brief" for January 12, 2015


  • Obese preschoolers may slim down with Head Start, study says
  • An avocado a day keeps the cardiologist away, new research suggests
  • Recharge your resolution

"News in Brief" for January 09, 2015


  • Apples recalled over possible Listeria contamination: CFIA
  • Eat less sugar, salt, meat? 5 things to look for as U.S. writes new dietary advice
  • Government of Canada announces healthier weights program in the Yukon and Northwest Territories

"News in Brief" for January 08, 2015


  • Food trends of 2015: Veggies expected to take centre stage
  • Hey kids, what’s for dinner? Yes, you can teach them to cook their own
  • Nutrition trends for 2015, from basics like cooking at home to the growth of epigenetics

"News in Brief" for January 07, 2015


  • 'Slim by Design': Lose weight by changing your environment
  • Chocolate health myth dissolves
  • The myth of 'healthy' obesity

"News in Brief" for January 06, 2015


  • Is fast food healthier than it was 20 years ago?
  • The five nutrients that need extra attention in a vegan diet
  • Why this is the year you should ditch the desire to detox, cleanse

"News in Brief" for January 05, 2015


  • U.S. government guide for healthy eating may consider environment
  • How to make healthy New Year’s resolutions that stick
  • Jennifer Sygo: No matter if it’s grass-fed, gluten-free or organic, rich foods pack a lot of calories