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"News in Brief" for February 28, 2018


  • Add ‘healthy food for all’ to city’s vision for Hamilton
  • Fermented food: 5 ways to get ‘good bacteria’ into your diet
  • Children are far from protected from junk food ads – especially on social media

"News in Brief" for February 27, 2018


  • City firms up food strategy
  • From insects to plants, Montreal workshop explores how to find edible food in the wild
  • Loblaw customers will soon be able to pick up grocery orders at some GO Transit stations

"News in Brief" for February 26, 2018


  • Emergency food drive for Churchill, Man., as prices rise 'out of control' in isolated town
  • Canadian farmers, companies invest in plant-based protein amid growing demand
  • Want a healthier diet? Try sleeping longer

"News in Brief" for February 23, 2018


  • 'The potential of food' is the focus of Nutrition Month
  • London food agency calls on grocers to donate landfill-bound items
  • Fruit and vegetable waste from farms ‘could feed population of Birmingham or Manchester for a year’, says environmental charity

"News in Brief" for February 22, 2018


  • Weight loss linked to healthy eating not genetics, study finds
  • Gardeners, start your plants: Seedy Saturday is here
  • This is the best way to encourage your children to eat green vegetables

"News in Brief" for February 21, 2018


  • More plant-based food on menu at Queen’s University
  • Opinion: Food Guide revamp encouraging plant-based, low-meat diet is good for people and the planet
  • University students tackle food insecurity at Halifax hackathon

"News in Brief" for February 20, 2018


  • Sugar addiction not so sweetly simple
  • Fruit juices aren't healthy. Eat a fruit instead
  • Halifax team develops app that makes eating vegetables a game

"News in Brief" for February 16, 2018


  • McDonald's Canada joins new global commitment to support families through a focus on Happy Meals
  • Ontario helping farmers and agri-food businesses reduce greenhouse gas pollution
  • Food deserts not to blame for growing nutrition gap between rich and poor, study finds

"News in Brief" for February 15, 2018


  • Peas fall from favour as Canadian farmers swap acres for wheat
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics celebrates the experts: Registered Dietitian Nutritionist day is March 14
  • Ultra-processed foods may be linked to cancer, says study

"News in Brief" for February 14, 2018


  • Why eating quickly could accelerate weight gain
  • Almost 1 million Canadians give up food, heat to afford prescriptions: study
  • The rise of food policy councils in Canada

"News in Brief" for February 13, 2018


  • Grocery stores and Canadians are bulking up on ultra-processed foods
  • Kelp is the new kale in cooking and health food, says food columnist
  • The Guardian view on childhood obesity: forget small steps, tackle big food

"News in Brief" for February 12, 2018


  • Proposed new federal food packaging labels target salt, sugar and fat
  • Canadian seniors less satisfied with quality of health care in international survey
  • Foods that help clear your skin – and the ones that don’t

"News in Brief" for February 09, 2018


  • The world's most nutritious foods
  • What's preventing Americans from choosing healthier food?
  • UPEI researchers promote healthy eating and nutrition in Kenya

"News in Brief" for February 08, 2018


  • Over 7,000 people using northwestern Ontario food banks each month, new report says
  • House passes bill to change Obamacare nutrition rules
  • Spain to reduce sugar, salt and fat levels in 3,500 products

"News in Brief" for February 07, 2018


  • Conservatives push for Food Guide study
  • Lady Doritos are a marketing test, not a mistake, say Canadian food experts
  • Single grandmother cries foul after Nunavut government cuts family's food allowance

"News in Brief" for February 06, 2018


  • Canada should require nutrition facts on alcohol
  • Belgium pushes for a balanced, healthy, and nutritious diet
  • MIND diet is a smart way to boost brain power

"News in Brief" for February 05, 2018


  • The keto diet: pros and cons
  • Should there be scales in schools? Controversial push to introduce classroom weigh-ins to combat childhood obesity
  • Grass-fed beef is growing in popularity but can it survive less nutritious grass?

"News in Brief" for February 02, 2018


  • 'Ultra-processed' products now half of all UK family food purchases
  • Rural Ottawa farmer wants to swap veggies for marijuana
  • Peterborough Women's Business Network donates $20K to Crossroads Shelter nutrition program

"News in Brief" for February 01, 2018


  • What we can expect from Canada's updated Food Guide, according to a dietitian
  • How your community impacts the health of your heart
  • Rising price of farmland in Peterborough County stumbling block for future farmers