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"News in Brief" for February 29, 2016


  • Food Matters: this New College course encourages students to snack in class
  • Lawrie McFarlane: Take closer look at organic-food regulations
  • Our food issues are so much bigger than overpriced cauliflower

"News in Brief" for February 26, 2016


  • Community gardens offer more than food
  • More monitoring for Ontario’s greenhouse growers
  • The bitter truth about produce: Nutrition lost in quest for taste

"News in Brief" for February 25, 2016


  • Victoria cannabis users lobby for food products
  • Non-profit food group may be coming to ‘The Shoppes at Stonegate'
  • 6 ways to sneak lentils and beans into everyday recipes

"News in Brief" for February 24, 2016


  • Hungry for an education: university students experiencing food insecurity, says Acadia study
  • Fruit and veggie box companies focus on local produce to keep prices down
  • Vancouver urban farm bylaw to regulate growing industry

"News in Brief" for February 23, 2016


  • Health centre program approved
  • Fish farms could soon grow kelp alongside salmon
  • Yukon Research Centre offers cash prize for food security, agriculture ideas

"News in Brief" for February 22, 2016


  • Ontario non-profit asks people to skip a meal for Nunavut
  • Government should do more to support agricultural science
  • Rising food prices push Canadian inflation to 2%

"News in Brief" for February 19, 2016


  • Ryerson student's green roof farming company looking up
  • Arctic festival to draw attention to food insecurity due to climate change
  • Low-income families struggle to feed their kids healthy foods as prices rise

"News in Brief" for February 18, 2016


  • Is eating too much fish during pregnancy tied to childhood obesity?
  • Kindergarten teacher knows the importance of promoting healthy eating
  • Less expensive root veggies get a star turn

"News in Brief" for February 17, 2016


  • U of C study suggests junk food causes mice to overeat
  • United Way funds collective kitchens
  • Omnivores sink teeth into meat-alternatives market

"News in Brief" for February 16, 2016


  • No Butz about it: organic farming is making big inroads
  • Study looks to find out when babies should get solid food
  • Surprising diet myths and predictions of an insect-filled future

"News in Brief" for February 12, 2016


  • Local health unit offers advice on overcoming sticker shock at the grocery stores
  • Farmers weigh in on “consumer demand”
  • Food costs rising, but Canada fares well

"News in Brief" for February 11, 2016


  • Thousands struggling to afford healthy foods
  • Vancouver city requirements curb urban farming enthusiasm
  • Agriculture conference looks to dispel student misconceptions about farming jobs

"News in Brief" for February 10, 2016


  • Pickering youth appeal to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to use proposed airport lands for agriculture
  • Should sugary drinks face a 20 per cent tax? Dietitians call for extra tax to curb obesity
  • Common gene variant influences food choices

"News in Brief" for February 09, 2016


  • National food strategy will include aboriginal input, says Agriculture Minister
  • Eating closer to home, wiser use of food helps curb the food bill
  • The high price of cauliflower: How ‘putting all of our eggs in one basket’ is proving disastrous

"News in Brief" for February 08, 2016


  • Saskatoon urban farmers use loaned backyards to grow food
  • Hamilton food banks feel pain of spiking food prices
  • Basic income guarantee a good idea for food and farmers

"News in Brief" for February 05, 2016


  • Kale salad worse than a Double Big Mac? Healthier fast food choices possible, dietitian says
  • Food industry looks to Congress as GMO labeling law nears
  • What's good for hens is good for business

"News in Brief" for February 04, 2016


  • Fight food insecurity with income, Molly McCracken writes
  • The Niagara Farm Project: creating a self-reliant food economy
  • Healthy-ish eating: What you need to know

"News in Brief" for February 03, 2016


  • Halifax hospital incorporates food preparation, cooking in eating disorder treatment
  • Quebec health groups want warning labels on sugary drinks
  • Canada's food banks fear shortage crisis due to price of fresh foods

"News in Brief" for February 02, 2016


  • Moncton man grows superfoods in tire factory basement
  • Starving for an education
  • Regina Food Bank teaching cooking and budgeting classes

"News in Brief" for February 01, 2016


  • Anishinaabe cook uses language to teach about traditional food
  • Island Food Skills Initiative to become 'truly Island initiative'
  • Food beyond 'best before' dates being sold in Windsor, but it's not illegal