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"News in Brief" for February 27, 2015


  • Added salt and sugar in kids' foods dangerous
  • One-of-a-kind program set to ease bottleneck for dietetic students

"News in Brief" for February 26, 2015


  • Choose fruit over juice
  • Reality check: How much cholesterol should you really be eating?
  • Why is change so hard when it comes to our health?

"News in Brief" for February 25, 2015


  • Nutrition Month recipes
  • How eating a bigger breakfast can help you achieve your weight loss goals
  • Think you can now slather butter all over everything? Not so fast

"News in Brief" for February 24, 2015


  • Durham school board creates unique strategy for buying local food
  • Health, productivity can go up when you eat nutritiously at work, experts say

"News in Brief" for February 23, 2015


  • The not-so-simple reasons for going vegan
  • Why your toddler doesn't need special food
  • Red Meat Alternatives for a Healthier Diet

"News in Brief" for February 20, 2015


  • More student nutrition programs among ways Toronto to tackle poverty
  • Obesity: 'no silver bullet' but many promising weapons

"News in Brief" for February 19, 2015


  • To your health! Food — and drink — for thought
  • Tips on how to lighten up cold weather comfort foods
  • Obesity prevention requires more government action, study says

"News in Brief" for February 18, 2015


  • Health board’s proposed sodium labelling stirs opposition
  • Healthy eating for 'Curious Chefs' in Cornwall

"News in Brief" for February 17, 2015


  • Ontario’s curious shift away from family health teams
  • Carbohydrates may not be your enemy
  • Healthy diet, healthy population

"News in Brief" for February 13, 2015


  • 5 'healthy' food claims to watch out for
  • 5 New Health Rules To Live By
  • Fat guidelines lacked any solid scientific evidence, study concludes

"News in Brief" for February 12, 2015


  • An unhealthy obsession with healthy eating: examining orthorexia
  • 41 schools and community groups part of Ontario Student Nutrition Program-Lambton initiative
  • Top U.S. nutrition advisory panel poised to withdraw longstanding warnings about cholesterol in diet

"News in Brief" for February 11, 2015


  • Ontario doesn't grow enough food to feed itself, but it could: Study
  • Edmonton videos aim to help seniors with nutrition
  • First Lady Takes a Shot at Special Interests Opposing Healthier Food for Kids

"News in Brief" for February 10, 2015


  • Binge eating a serious disorder, says dietitian
  • If food’s your reward, you can’t win
  • 3 simple foods to keep your heart healthy

"News in Brief" for February 09, 2015


  • Gluten allergies a growing concern
  • New Online Tool Helps Ontarians Lower Their Risk of Cancer
  • New Brunswick doctors, dietitians recognize exceptional school food with ‘Where to Eat’ guide

"News in Brief" for February 06, 2015


  • ‘Why don’t you just eat?’ Eating disorder patients are caught between stigma and government indifference
  • Minister Ambrose participates in National Health and Fitness Day Roundtable
  • Want to look and feel fab? Stay clear of latest fad

"News in Brief" for February 05, 2015


  • 5 ways to take a bite out your grocery bill
  • Not Too Late to Get Back on Track with Healthy Eating in 2015

"News in Brief" for February 04, 2015


  • 3 ways to improve your heart’s health
  • A dietitian’s advice on eating heart healthy
  • How to add turmeric to your healthy diet

"News in Brief" for February 02, 2015


  • Toddler foods with excessive sodium, added sugar set taste preferences
  • Toddler food often has too much salt, sugar, CDC study says
  • Super Bowl 2015: 5 healthy swaps to your favourite dishes