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"News in Brief" for December 31, 2013


  • App helps shoppers scan for local food in Saskatoon
  • What will you be eating in 2014? Food resolutions from doctors, dietitians and more
  • Regulation and Fee Changes Coming into Force Jan. 1, 2014

"News in Brief" for December 30, 2013


  • Hot nutrition trends for 2014
  • Nutrition Report Cards Help Kids Make Healthy School Lunch Choices
  • A Year in Review Steps taken to protect the Health and Safety of Canadians

"News in Brief" for December 24, 2013


  • Heart health not 'ideal' for 90% of Canadian adults, tool shows
  • Peanuts eaten in pregnancy may reduce allergy risk in kids, study finds
  • The complicated truth behind aspartame

"News in Brief" for December 19, 2013


  • U.S. panel suggests older adults need less strict blood pressure goals
  • Blood pressure treatment guide for seniors shifts in U.S.
  • Most Popular And Strange Diets On Google Include Military, Fast, Virgin And Body Reset Diets

"News in Brief" for December 18, 2013


  • Health Canada approves hepatitis C drug with faster cure time, taken as daily pill
  • Studies show multivitamins didn't protect men's aging brains or help heart disease
  • Apple a day vs. statins produces similar outcomes

"News in Brief" for December 17, 2013


  • Ontario wines can be sold at farmers' markets, Wynne says
  • Resolving to be healthier in 2014?
  • My child has ADHD. What foods should she avoid?

"News in Brief" for December 16, 2013


  • Healthy Schools
  • Unreal Eats: How Do 'Healthy' Kids' Foods Measure Up?
  • To Learn About Obesity, Researchers Turn to Grizzly Bears

"News in Brief" for December 13, 2013


  • Food banks face crunch as donations shrink
  • New Diet Study Reveals The Link Between Meat-Eating And IBD
  • Young women 'need better support' for healthy eating

"News in Brief" for December 12, 2013


  • Supermarket confusion: Making a sensible choice in the cereal aisle – part two
  • Dr. Bill Sears weighs in on the benefits of probiotics
  • Food security advocates aim to help First Nation communities

"News in Brief" for December 11, 2013


  • Dementia prevention is possible, expert says
  • Heartburn pills tied to vitamin B12 deficiency
  • Your dad's diet before your conception may have affected your health: study

"News in Brief" for December 10, 2013


  • School cafeterias look to local food
  • Experts Debate The Validity Of ‘Healthy Obesity’ Studies, Claims
  • What’s the difference between celiac disease and gluten sensitivity?

"News in Brief" for December 09, 2013


  • You are how you eat
  • Food tastes better when we think it's organic, study finds
  • Seven ways to avoid weight gain over the holidays

"News in Brief" for December 06, 2013


  • Boys and men's eating disorders still poorly understood
  • Eating healthy adds $2,000 a year to family grocery bill
  • Restaurant Calorie Labels Meaningless For Two-Thirds Of Consumers: Why Posted Warnings Don’t Work

"News in Brief" for December 05, 2013


  • Can You Be Fat and Fit?
  • Obesity prevention can start during pregnancy, infancy
  • Junk food still available at most Quebec hospitals

"News in Brief" for December 03, 2013


  • Diabetes hits earlier in First Nations, kidney team finds
  • Food cost study needs to be local, says N.S. expert
  • Local health unit pushes healthy food at business meetings

"News in Brief" for December 02, 2013


  • Healthy food policies at risk, scientists say
  • Viva Mexico: New junk food taxes in Mexico for 2014
  • Babies can eat allergy-triggering foods as early as six months, groups say