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"News in Brief" for August 31, 2016


  • Local vs. imported fruit: What tastes better and how to tell the difference
  • CDN-NDG restrictions on fast food locations challenged in court
  • Drone and robotic technology will be used to help maximize crop yields

"News in Brief" for August 30, 2016


  • Victoria councillors unified on opposition to GMO foods
  • Coffee drinking habits could be genetic, study finds
  • The war on sugar: 'Children should consume fewer than 6 teaspoons daily'

"News in Brief" for August 29, 2016


  • NAN food symposium connects people, the land
  • Food bank says rising costs could force it to start charging for services
  • Comfort veggies: The newest online pin-up

"News in Brief" for August 26, 2016


  • Whitchurch-Stouffville resident calls his unique business 'future of farming'
  • Concerns over Nova Scotia nursing home food should lie with facility: premier
  • Food loop will promote locally grown goods near Osler, Sask.

"News in Brief" for August 25, 2016


  • Sylvain Charlebois: Happy Meal toys a controversial strategy
  • 3 tips to fight childhood obesity
  • Soda consumption plunges in Berkeley after sugary drink tax, but why?

"News in Brief" for August 24, 2016


  • Syrian refugee agricultural project launches in Colborne
  • How much sugar are your kids eating? Take a look at 3 new sugar limit guidelines
  • David Suzuki: How much food can cities produce?

"News in Brief" for August 23, 2016


  • Swap a sugary beverage for water to shed excess pounds: study
  • Food waste is a disgrace Canadians have the power to fix
  • 'Food porn' trend dates back hundreds of years: study

"News in Brief" for August 22, 2016


  • What a registered dietitian eats in a weekend and says about ‘cheat days’
  • How Coca-Cola targeted teens during the 2016 Olympic Games
  • Will caffeine make you a better athlete? That depends on your DNA

"News in Brief" for August 19, 2016


  • Halifax researcher enriches fish sauce to save infant lives
  • Is ‘healthy obesity’ a myth? You can’t be fit but fat, study warns
  • Scientists investigate link between unhealthy diet during pregnancy, ADHD

"News in Brief" for August 18, 2016


  • New summer program in East York helps kids bridge nutrition gap
  • Food trends that are killing the planet
  • Food advertisements have impact on children’s eating habits: study

"News in Brief" for August 17, 2016


  • Trevor Tombe: Take sugar taxes off the table, because the logic is critically flawed
  • Renowned chef feeds Rio’s homeless with excess Olympic food
  • Why small bites can mean big potential for manufacturers

"News in Brief" for August 16, 2016


  • 8 so-called ‘healthy’ foods registered dietitians wouldn’t (or rarely) eat
  • Leslie Beck: Your veggie burger can be far from bland and boring
  • USDA could say 'cheese' to $150M bailout for dairy farmers

"News in Brief" for August 15, 2016


  • Saskatoon city vegetable farms prove you don't have to be rural to grow
  • The war on meat: Is it harmful, healthy or both?
  • Why this food bank is turning away junk food

"News in Brief" for August 12, 2016


  • Hamilton serves up new food strategy with long-term priorities
  • Late re-supply barges send food prices soaring in northern N.W.T. communities
  • Ontario bowed to food industry pressure on menu-labelling legislation: critics

"News in Brief" for August 11, 2016


  • Ontario fast-food labels could cause women to gain weight, public health advocate says
  • Mock corner store protests nutrition warnings
  • Tale of two summers: Farmers deal with drought in the east, rain on the prairies

"News in Brief" for August 10, 2016


  • Access to food is a human right: SFU researcher
  • A&W Canada gets sales boost from chain’s focus on food quality
  • Warming climate linked to increase in food poisoning from oysters

"News in Brief" for August 09, 2016


  • Ottawa has studied ‘soda pop tax’ to tackle obesity, documents show
  • What should I eat to fuel my body for long bike rides?
  • Applebee's, IHOP drop soda from kids' menu

"News in Brief" for August 08, 2016


  • Food security programs in Halton Hills receive funding boost
  • New St. Laurent produce truck makes fruit, vegetables more accessible
  • Why you crave sweets post-workout and what foods to reach for instead

"News in Brief" for August 05, 2016


  • Healthy appetite: Sobey’s dietitian in high demand
  • Food companies try to find new appeal with strange colours
  • I'm sick of junk food at the register, and I'm not talking about grocery stores

"News in Brief" for August 04, 2016


  • Program planned to help Syrian refugees work in agriculture
  • Hunger doesn’t take a summer vacation: 19 summer feeding programs for kids
  • The added cost of eating red and processed meats — higher mortality risk, scientists say

"News in Brief" for August 03, 2016


  • How to fight food waste — and win
  • Taxes on groceries, not soda, are hurting poor Americans
  • We redesigned food labels to serve up real value

"News in Brief" for August 02, 2016


  • Inuit food insecurity in Iqaluit up to 11 times greater than for non-Inuit: research
  • Fight childhood obesity with screens
  • Coalition battles to ban all food and drink advertising to kids in Canada