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"News in Brief" for August 29, 2014


  • New Brunswick must deal with its obesity 'crisis'
  • New funding gives farmers’ market program staying power
  • Trans fat hidden in many U.S. foods, tests reveal

"News in Brief" for August 28, 2014


  • Don't eat wild mushrooms, Toronto Public Health says
  • Mandatory food & nutrition class would help Ontario health, group says
  • Obesity 'crisis' will get worse without action, expert says

"News in Brief" for August 26, 2014


  • How much healthy fat can I include in my diet without gaining weight?
  • The road to a healthy lifestyle
  • Western-Canadians now have Guiding Stars program to shop healthier

"News in Brief" for August 25, 2014


  • Benefits of breakfast called into question
  • Inkster residents face food access challenges, group finds
  • Preserving your herbs for the colder months

"News in Brief" for August 22, 2014


  • ‘Seniors care is the paramount health care issue of our time': CMA president
  • Food dyes: No names on Canadian labels, yet
  • Mechanically tenderized beef labels introduced for shoppers

"News in Brief" for August 21, 2014


  • Can some foods ease joint pain from osteoarthritis?
  • Cutting out gluten a popular trend, but is it healthy?
  • Salmonella risk forces recall of peanut, almond butters sold in Canada

"News in Brief" for August 20, 2014


  • Assembly of First Nations Announces Release of Ontario Regional Report of First Nations Food, Nutrition and Environment Study
  • Local food bank favours good, nutritious food
  • Breakfast for Learning's batch recipes help feed hungry kids and give parents a hand to start the school year

"News in Brief" for August 18, 2014


  • Consumers prefer Informed Dining program over menu-board labels
  • Controversial anti-obesity ad garners mixed reaction in Halifax
  • Oakville physician helping tackle obesity in children

"News in Brief" for August 15, 2014


  • Controversial anti-obesity ad goes viral
  • Little Chefs learning the joys of cooking
  • New Study on Diabetes Risk Emphasizes Value of a Registered Dietitian in Prevention and Treatment

"News in Brief" for August 14, 2014


  • Most Waterloo Region residents don't meet food guidelines: report
  • Poor eating widespread in region stuck in ‘food swamp’
  • Studies questioning the need to cut salt intake

"News in Brief" for August 13, 2014


  • Canadians spend more on taxes than food, shelter
  • Food Forward fills a gap for Cabbagetown area residents
  • Toronto Public Health urges ban on serving energy drinks and alcohol on city property

"News in Brief" for August 12, 2014


  • Can anti-inflammatory foods help me fight arthritis in later life?
  • Eating more fruits, vegetables may reduce risk of heart disease: study
  • Why you still need to eat your veggies

"News in Brief" for August 11, 2014


  • Beans help battle high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity
  • Healthy summer eating tips
  • The 100-gram solution

"News in Brief" for August 08, 2014


  • 6 Tips to Start Your Kids Off Eating Right
  • Local research suggests many Windsorites still lack access to healthy, affordable food
  • Porcupine Health unit hosts information workshop at Larabie’s Independent Grocer

"News in Brief" for August 07, 2014


  • Fish consumption could boost seniors' brain health: study
  • Three food products recalled over listeria, E.coli concerns
  • What is Colony Collapse Disorder, and why does it impact what we eat?

"News in Brief" for August 06, 2014


  • ‘Gluten-free’ doesn’t mean it’s healthier
  • Child Nutrition Dietitian Denounces Curing Picky Eaters and Offers a New Perspective
  • Dairy products high in saturated fats may protect against diabetes

"News in Brief" for August 05, 2014


  • Do You Know About the New Nutrition Labels Coming To a Store Near You?
  • Local edible plants offer up plenty of food, medicinal uses
  • Sudburians savvy about nutrition: Poll

"News in Brief" for August 01, 2014


  • Healthy summer lifestyle
  • How many servings of fruit, vegetables daily?
  • Sugar drinks and memory