Leadership Centre

Supporting leadership capacity building within Ontario.

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Enhancing leadership competencies, facilitating thoughtful discussion and examination of leadership issues for public health professionals.

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Community Food Advisor

Promoting safe and nutritious food selection, preparation and storage practices.

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Community Food Advisors work in their community to improve and promote safe and healthy food selection, preparation, and storage practices.

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Public Health and You

Your questions about public health answered...all in one place.

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Learn about why public health plays a vital role in ensuring the health of communities across Ontario!

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Ontario Public Health Association

Committed to improving the health of Ontarians.

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Since 1949, OPHA has served as a catalyst for development in the Public Health sector.

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Nutrition Resource Centre

Credible public health nutrition at your fingertips.

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Strengthening the capacity of health professionals across all care settings and in all communities across Ontario.

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Canada's Food Guide Consultation PHASE 2 - What We Heard Report

Healthy Eating Health Canada is revising Canada’s Food Guide to reflect new evidence and meet the needs of various audiences across Canada. Canada’s Food Guide Consultation was conducted over 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 in two phases.

This report presents the findings of the second open consultation. It is a synthesis of the feedback received from contributors through online discussion forums and questionnaires. The objective of the Phase 2 consultation was to get feedback on Health Canada’s proposed Guiding Principles and Recommendations.
Health Canada
Chronic Disease Prevention, Food Environment, Healthy Eating, Nutrients, Sugar-Sweetened Beverages or Energy Drinks
Children's Service/Child Care, School, Long-term Care, Workplace, Cafeteria/Canteen, Recreation Center, Home, Community-at-large, Community Garden, Community Kitchen, Grocery/Retail, Farmers Market, Mobile Vending, Restaurant/Food Service Premise, Food Bank, Primary Care
Prenatal, Infant, Toddler (1-3), Children (4-11), Youth (12-17), Adults (18-64)
Local/Municipal/Regional, Provincial (Ontario), Provincial (outside Ontario), Provincial, National