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NRC Webinar - Food Marketing in Recreation Settings

| Online
NRC Webinar - Food Marketing in Recreation Settings
This webinar is held in partnership between the Nutrition Resource Centre and Ontario Dietitians in Public Health Healthy Eating in Recreation Settings Workgroup.

As part of "Transforming the Food Environment" webinar series, it is the first of of two webinars about food environments specific to recreation and sport settings.

Bill S-228 (Child Health Protection Act), which would restrict unhealthy food and beverage marketing to children 12 and under is awaiting final vote in the Canadian Senate, and royal assent.

The extent to which food and beverage marketing to kids will be permissible in recreation settings in Canada will depend upon regulations defining ‘child-directed marketing’ and ‘child-directed settings’. Notably, Health Canada has stated that children’s sports sponsorships would be exempt from marketing restrictions.

This webinar seeks to explore the issue of food and beverage marketing that children may be exposed to in recreation settings. This will be examined through a review of current international research, with a focus on sports sponsorships as a mechanism for food and beverage marketing, sales and messaging in recreation settings.

In this webinar, participants will learn about:

  • why chidlren and youth are vulnerable to marketing and how food marketing is controlled in Canada
  • various forms and extent of food and beverage marketing to children in recreation settings,
  • social and behavioural impacts of sport sponsorship, and
  • work underway in an Ontario municipality to address food and beverage marketing to kids.



Our Presenters

Bridget Kelly, PhD 

Bridget is an Associate Professor in Public Health Nutrition and an Australian Research Council Fellow based at the Early Start Research Institute, University of Wollongong.

Her career objective is to influence the development of public policy that fosters supportive food environments in Australia and globally, specifically in relation to food marketing to children.

She is the module leader for food promotion with INFORMAS (International Network for Food and Obesity / non-communicable Diseases Research, Monitoring and Action Support), a global network that aims to monitor and benchmark food environments, under the auspices of the World Obesity Federation. Since 2011 she has led and collaborated on five Category 1 grants worth over $1.3million.

She is currently leading an Australian Research Council Linkage Project on the impact of food marketing exposure on children’s attitudinal and behavioural outcomes, and is a Chief Investigator on a National Health & Medical Research Council Project Grant on the power of elite sport sponsorship to promote healthy eating by young adults. Her PhD explored the nature and scope of food sponsorship of children’s sports clubs, and the impact that this has on children’s food attitudes and intake.

Sonia Jean-Philippe, RD, MSc

Sonia is a registered dietitian with Ottawa Public Health. She decided to pursue a degree in nutritional sciences due to her interest in a healthy lifestyle and growing up with parents who gave importance to good food. She was also involved in track and field for over 15 years, competing at the provincial and national level.

The importance of a physical activity and healthy eating led her to completing a BSc Nutritional Sciences to become a Registered Dietitian. She was a member of Dr. Hope Weiler’s research group while also counseling for weight loss and management. Sonia contributed to the success of several projects relating to vitamin D supplementation in the first years of life, helping educate new mothers and assessing habits and knowledge. Her research interests include female athlete’s health and challenges, dietary measurements and interventions, healthy lifestyle education. This took her abroad to Loughborough University where she completed a MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition, her dissertation focused on vitamin D status of elite female athletes in comparison to their sedentary counterparts. She then returned to Montreal, where she contributed to an island wide study assessing vitamin D and iron status of daycare children at McGill University.

Prior to her work in public health, she coordinated the Maternal Obesity Management (MOM) Trial – a pregnancy specific pilot RCT. Her current work includes marketing of food and beverages and healthy eating in childcare. Sonia is an avid traveller, foodie and runner.

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