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Colour It Up/Plus de Coleur

Colour It Up/Plus de Coleur  was a proven community-based, behaviour change program designed to promote increased vegetable and fruit consumption to women and their families. There are two separate programs available: one for women ages 19-50 and one for women over the age of 50.

Program History and Current Status

The Colour It Up Program (originally TAKE Five) was developed by Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) and pilot tested in 12 diverse Ontario communities in 2002. The impetus for the program stemmed from consistent scientific evidence indicating that increased vegetable and fruit consumption is an important factor in reducing the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. CCO completed a rigorous evaluation demonstrating very positive results, including an increase in vegetable and fruit consumption as a result of participating in the program.
In 2004, CCO and the Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA) entered into an agreement in which the Nutrition Resource Centre (NRC) was identified as the appropriate organization to support the provincial implementation and ongoing development, management and evaluation of the program. From 2004 to 2012, the NRC provided provincial coordination for Colour It Up (CIU).
In September of 2012, The CIU program transitioned back to CCO where it was provincially coordinated with funding from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. CCO, the Canadian Cancer Society (Ontario Division) and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario were provincial partners. To see a letter outlining the transition from NRC to CCO, please click here.

As of December 2014, provincial oversight and administrative support for the CIU program ceased. Despite this, program materials are still available and are provided below in the form of a toolkit. Materials include a leader’s guide, session descriptions, handouts, PowerPoint slides, recipes, an alphabetized guide to vegetables and fruit, evaluation tools and promotional posters.  

Program Description
Colour It Up: Go for More Vegetables and Fruit (Colour It Up Program) helps women make changes in how they eat. It gives participants the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to eat more vegetables and fruit and achieve the recommended 7 to 8 Food Guide Servings each day.
Research shows that eating a variety of vegetables and fruit every day can make us healthier. It makes us less likely to develop certain types of cancer, heart disease, stroke, obesity and other diseases.
Program Aims:

The program aims to inform, educate and support behaviour change related to women's vegetable and fruit acquisition, preparation, storage and eating. Specifically, Colour It Up focuses on:
  1. Increasing self-efficacy (a person's strong belief in her ability to make a change);
  2. Reducing barriers to vegetable and fruit consumption through group learning exercises and experience sharing; and
  3. Fostering adequate social support to facilitate these changes in the reality of women's everyday lives.
Interactive Sessions
The program consists of six interactive sessions, designed to be implemented once a week for six weeks. Each weekly session lasts about two hours. In each session there are discussions, activities, recipes and snacks that help women to overcome challenges and build confidence in their ability to eat more vegetables and fruit.
The program was designed by a behavioural psychologist, the content developed by a Registered Dietitian and materials were reviewed for clear language. The program materials are available in both French and English.
10 Key Messages of the Colour It Up Program 
  1. Enjoy the many health benefits of vegetables and fruit.
  2. Choose a variety of colours and tastes.
  3. Choose fresh, frozen, canned and dried there is always something available.
  4. Vegetables and fruit are safe to eat.
  5. Vegetables and fruit are affordable.
  6. Discover fast and easy ways to prepare vegetable and fruit.
  7. There are simple solutions to storing vegetables and fruit.
  8. Help children enjoy vegetables and fruit.
  9. Everyone can find a way to eat more vegetables and fruit.
  10. The key messages reinforced in the Colour It Up Program for women over the age of 50 are similar but reflect Canada's Food Guide for women 50+ and also focus on the role women have in caring for other family members and the importance of self-care.


Colour It Up Leaders Guide
Everything you need to deliver the program including information on how to organize the program in your community, background readings, and a number of valuable resources.
Leaders Guide - ENGLISH 
Leaders Guide - FRENCH

Colour It Up Session Materials
Colour It Up Handouts
Sessions 1 to 6 - ENGLISH
Sessions 1 to 6 - FRENCH
Colour It Up Powerpoint Slides
Sessions 1 to 6 - ENGLISH
Sessions 1 to 6 - FRENCH

Colour it Up Recipes
Recipes - ENGLISH
Recipes - FRENCH

Colour It Up Vegetables and Fruit A-Z 
These guides include nutrition information, selection and storage guidelines adn preparation ideas.


Colour It Up Leaders Guide 50+
Leaders Guide ENGLISH
Leaders Guide - FRENCH
Colour It Up 50+ Session Materials
Colour It Up 50+ Handouts
Sessions 1 to 6 - ENGLISH
Sessions 1 to 4 - FRENCH
Sessions 5 to 6 - FRENCH
Colour it Up 50+ PowerPoint Slides
Sessions 1 to 6 - ENGLISH
Sessions 1 to 6 - FRENCH

Colour It Up 50+ Recipes
Recipes - ENGLISH
Recipes - FRENCH

Colour it Up Vegetables and Fruit A to Z

Colour It Up Evaluation Tools for 19-50 and 50+ Programs
Colour It Up Promotional Poster
Download Promotional Poster