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Healthy Kids Community Challenge

The Healthy Kids Community Challenge (HKCC) is part of Ontario’s Healthy Kids Strategy, a cross-government initiative to promote children's health in Ontario. There are currently 45 communities—representing almost 40 percent of Ontario’s population—participating in the program united through one common goal: promoting children’s health through physical activity and healthy eating. The communities receive funds and supports from the government of Ontario to implement local activities based on specific healthy behaviour themes.

The Healthy Kids Resource Centres, inlcuding the Nutrition Resource Centre, provide consultation support and capacity building to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for the Healthy Kids Community Challenge. The additional Healthy Kids Resource Centres are HC Link (a collaboration of Health Nexus, Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition and Parent Action on Drugs); Health Promotion Capacity Building (HPCB) at Public Health Ontario (PHO); the Nutrition Resource Centre (NRC) at the Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA); and the Physical Activity Resource Centre (PARC) at Ophea.

The Healthy Kids Resource Centres support the Healthy Kids Community Challenge by:
  • offering consultations to local project managers
  • reviewing of documents such as a Community Needs Assessment or theme-based Action Plan
  • connecting project managers with health intermediaries
  • offering workshops and webinars on Healthy Kids Community Challenge themes
  • supporting the Ministry's training activities for local project managers
The NRC provides additional support to the Healthy Kids Community Challenge, such as:
  • populating our online Navigator with evidence-based healthy eating and nutrition resources
  • sharing community achievements and success stories (or challenges) from the field
  • facilitating a community of practice for registered dietitians  to support the Healthy Kids Community Challenge communities
  • offering webinars related to Healthy Kids Community Challenge themes
To find out more about how the Nutrition Resource Centre supports the Healthy Kids Community Challenge or to request a consultation, contact Donna Smith, Policy and Program Coordinator, dsmith@opha.on.ca

How to Connect with Healthy Kids Resource Centres
Email us at: info@hkccsource.ca (English) or info@lasourceaces.ca (French)  

Call is at: 416-408-4491 (English and French)

Toll-free at 1-877-649-7748


The goal of the Healthy Kids Community Challenge is to support the well-being of Ontario children by helping to create communities where it's easy for children to lead healthier lives. There are 45 communities participating in the program that receive resources from the province including funding, training and social marketing tools to help promote:
  • healthy eating
  • physical activity
  • healthy behaviours for children
Benefits for children and families
  • skills for staying active and eating we
  • support with making healthy choices
  • close links to supports within the community
  • more chances to be involved and included

The 45 communities participating in the Healthy Kids Community Challenge have rallied around themes to develop programs, policies, environmental change, creative supportive environments and events with the support of local partners. Since 2015, three themes have been selected for the Healthy Kids Community Challenge based on the latest and best available evidence regarding the risk and protective factors that contribute to childhood overweight and obesity.

Run. Jump. Play. Every Day.

The first theme of the Healthy Kids Community Challenge was Run. Jump. Play. Every Day. This theme was launched in September 2015 and encourages physical activity through a mix of active play, active transportation, sports and structured physical activity.

Water Does Wonders

The second theme of the Healthy Kids Community Challenge was Water Does Wonders. This theme encourages kids and families to reach for water as a natural, healthy and free choice when thirsty instead of sugar-sweetened beverages.

Choose to Boost Veggies and Fruit

The focus of theme three, which will begin in April 2017, is to increase vegetable and fruit consumption in children by encouraging kids and families to make vegetables and fruit a part of every meal and snack.