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The OPHA leads the development of expertise in public and community health through collaboration, consultation and partnerships. Learn more about our Constituent Societies here.

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August 16, 2018
Please share, like, and tweet the infographic below to help inform others how the provincial government plays an important role in shaping alcohol policies that impact our health and communites.


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Sample Posts

#BuckABeer…corner store sales. When it comes to alcohol policy, health is often an afterthought. #ONAlcoholStrategyNow to reduce harms and costs. https://bit.ly/2vObFsB #ONpoli
Is #BuckABeer a no cost election promise? In fact, alcohol costs Ontario more than 5.3 billion dollars each year. #ONAlcoholStrategyNow to reduce harms and costs. https://bit.ly/2vObFsB #ONpoli
While Premier Ford promises #BuckABeer will cost taxpayers nothing, alcohol-related health care costs Ontario close to 1.5 billion each year. #ONAlcoholStrategyNow to reduce harms and costs. https://bit.ly/2vObFsB #ONpoli
Does #BuckABeer really put people first? 1 in 3 Ontarians experience harm from someone else’s drinking. https://bit.ly/2vObFsB #ONAlcoholStrategyNow #ONpoli
Does #BuckABeer really put people first?
66 people are hospitalized every day in Ontario due to alcohol-related causes.
https://bit.ly/2vObFsB #ONAlcoholStrategyNow #ONpoli
Does #BuckABeer really put people first?
Regular alcohol use impacts both physical and mental health. #ONAlcoholStrategyNow for a healthier Ontario. https://bit.ly/2vObFsB #ONpoli

#BuckABeer…corner store sales. When it comes to alcohol policy, health is often an afterthought. There is a need for coordinated leadership on this issue that will balance competing interests—public health, government revenue, economic development, and consumer preferences. https://bit.ly/2vObFsB  #ONAlcoholStrategyNow #ONpoli
Alcohol-related costs in Ontario total more than $5.3 billion / year including health care, enforcement, lost productivity and other direct costs. Let’s look at the facts and work together to support a healthy alcohol culture for the people of Ontario. https://bit.ly/2vObFsB  #ONAlcoholStrategyNow #ONpoli #BuckABeer
It’s not just about individual choice and convenience. Making alcohol cheaper and more accessible makes it easier to buy alcohol, especially for someone who is: intoxicated, underage, or has an alcohol use problem. https://bit.ly/2vObFsB #ONAlcoholStrategyNow #ONpoli #BuckABeer

  1. Acute Care Enhanced Surveillance (ACES) system, Knowledge Management Division, KFL&A Public Health. Jan 2016-July 2018. (Ontario Emergency Department (ED) visits for alcohol abuse for ages 15+ include instances of intoxication, hbd (has been drinking), any mention of ‘alcohol’ and ‘etoh’ (*intoxication could indicate toxic effects of an undefined drug, but for this report, has been grouped as an alcohol related visit). Note: While there are currently 150 hospitals in Ontario reporting, the number of hospitals was not stable throughout the time the counts were tallied). Available at: http://www.kflaphi.ca/wp-content/uploads/Mental-Health-Surveillance-Report-201808.pdf
  2. CAMH Provincial System Support Program, Alcohol Policy in Ontario Community of Interest. Infographic: Alcohol Availability in Ontario (February 27, 2018). Available at: http://eenet.ca/sites/default/files/2018/Alcohol%20Availability%20in%20Ontario%20Infographic.pdf
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  8. Ontario Public Health Association. (2017). Timeline of Government of Ontario’s Actions to Modernize Alcohol Sales and to Develop a Province-wide Alcohol Policy to Minimize Harms. Available at: http://opha.on.ca/getmedia/bb2cb472-1988-418a-8b2e-4f5ff4022090/Modernization-of-Alcohol-Sales-in-Ontario-Timelines-OPHA.pdf.aspx

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