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Supporting leadership capacity building within Ontario.

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Enhancing leadership competencies, facilitating thoughtful discussion and examination of leadership issues for public health professionals.

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Community Food Advisor

Promoting safe and nutritious food selection, preparation and storage practices.

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Community Food Advisors work in their community to improve and promote safe and healthy food selection, preparation, and storage practices.

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Your questions about public health answered...all in one place.

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Learn about why public health plays a vital role in ensuring the health of communities across Ontario!

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Committed to improving the health of Ontarians.

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Since 1949, OPHA has served as a catalyst for development in the Public Health sector.

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Strengthening the capacity of health professionals across all care settings and in all communities across Ontario.

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The OPHA is a not‐for‐profit member‐based association that provides leadership in advancing public health in Ontario. Our Association represents six public and community health disciplines and our membership represents many public health and community health professionals from Ontario. To learn more about us, our structure, strategic direction, or membership, please visit the following links:

The OPHA provides leadership on issues affecting the public's health and works to strengthen the impact of people who are active in public and community health throughout Ontario. For more information, please visit the following pages:

The OPHA creates and maintains advocacy initiatives with a province-wide perspective. For more information, please visit the following pages:

This section includes the latest news about the OPHA and its programs, upcoming OPHA events, and other news of interest to the public health sector. For more information, please visit the following pages:

The OPHA leads the development of expertise in public and community health through collaboration, consultation and partnerships. Learn more about our Constituent Societies here.

The OPHA leads the development of expertise in public and community health through collaboration, consultation and partnerships. Learn more about our Constituent Societies here.

The OPHA Member’s Lounge is a dedicated space reserved for our OPHA members to store and access important information and exclusive resources. The Lounge includes the following:

Position Papers, Resolutions and Motions

Position Papers, Resolutions and Motions


Informed Decision Making for Labour and Birth v.2.0 (2018) Active 2018-09


Resolution on OPHA's Response to the Truth and Reconciliation's Calls to Action Active 2017-11
Resolution OPHA Expanding Membership Category ‘Public health Supporter,’ For Non-Public Health Organizations Active 2017-11
The Public Health Implications of the Legalization of Recreational Cannabis Active 2017-05 (PP)


A Health Equity Action Plan for the Ontario Public Health Association Active 2016-04
Informed Decision-Making for Labour and Birth Active 2016-11 (PP)
Investing in Health-Promoting Infrastructure Active 2016-07 (PP)


Basic Income Guarantee: Backgrounder Active 2015-10 (RES)


Applying a Health Equity Lens Active 2014-11 (PP)
Changes to OPHA Membership Fees Active 2014-04 (RES)
SHIFT – Enhancing the Health of Ontarians: A Call to Action for Preconception Health Promotion and Care Active 2014-11 (PP)


Menu Labelling Active 2013-10 (PP)


Change in OPHA Member Fees Active 2011-08 (RES)
Community Water Fluoridation Active 2011-10 (RES)
Sports Injuries Active 2011-11 (RES)


Mandatory Training for Personal Services Workers Active 2010-03(RES)
Provincial Expansion and Promotion of the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) Active 2010-04(RES)
The Reappointment of Public Health Engineers at MOHLTC Active 2010-01 (RES)
The WHO Code and the Ethical Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes Active 2010-01 (PP)


Adults in Dental Pain Active 2009-03(RES)
Community Water Fluoridation Active 2009-01 (RES)
Strengthening Public Health Laboratories Active 2009-02 (RES)


A Ban on all Commercial Advertising Targeted to Children Under 13 Years of Age Active 2008-04(RES)
Core Competencies for Public Health in Canada Active 2008-02(RES)
OPHA Injury Prevention Workgroup Active 2008-05(RES)
Regulation and Inspection of Splash Pads and Other Similar Forms of Recreation Active 2008-03 (RES)
Violence Prevention - Position Paper Active 2008-01 (PP)
Violence Prevention - Resolution Active 2008-01 (RES)


Access to a Nutritious Diet for All Active 2007-05(RES)
Advocate for a Provincial Strategy for Alcohol and Other Drugs Active 2007-07(RES)
Breastfeeding Position Paper - revision of 1993 paper Active 2007-03(PP)
Oral Health Promotion Active 2007-01(PP)
Public Health System Renewal in Ontario Active 2007-04 (RES)
Reaffirming the Importance of Strict Firearm Regulation to Prevent Firearm Deaths and Injuries Active 2007-06 (RES)


Amending Ontario's Highway Traffic Act Archived 2006-06(RES)
Amending Ontario's Off-Road Vehicle Act Active 2006-05(RES)
Diversity Competent Public Health Professionals Active 2006-01 (PP)
2006-01 (RES)
2006-02 (RES)
Volunteer Involvement in Ontario's Public Health Active 2006-02 (PP)
2006-03 (RES)
2006-04 (RES)


Child and Youth Health: Strengthening Inter-Ministerial Integration Active 2005-01 (PP)
2005-01 (RES)
2005-02 (RES)
Determinants of Health Active 2005-03(RES)
Position Statement on Poverty and Children's Oral Health Active 2005-02(PP)


Balancing and Communicating Issues Related to Environmental Contaminants in Breastmilk Active 2004-01(PP)
Building Environmental Health Capacity within Public Health Active 2004-02 (RES)
Childhood lead exposure and housing sources: Does a problem exist in Ontario? Active 2004-02 (PP)
2004-03 (RES)
2004-04 (RES)
2004-05 (RES)
2004-06 (RES)
Climate Change and Human Health Active 2004-03 (PP)
2004-07 (RES)
Motion re Funding Active 2004-01(MT)
Physical Punishment of Children Active 2004-08(RES)
Position Paper on Fish Consumption with respect to Methylmercury Content, by Pregnant Women, Women of Childbearing Age and Young Children Active 2004-04(PP)
Public Health Responds to the Challenge to Reduce Poverty and Enhance Resiliency in Children and Youth Active 2004-05 (PP)
2004-10 (RES)
Trans Health Project Active 2004-06 (PP)


Health in Cities: the Role for Public Health Active 2003-01(PP)
Health Risks of Cellular Telephones: the Myth and the Reality Active 2003-02(PP)
Improving the Access and Quality of Public Health Services for Bisexuals Active 2003-04(PP)
Phase-out Coal-fired Power Plants Active 2003-01(RES)
Promoting Healthy Communities: A Framework for Alcohol Policy and Public Health in Ontario Active 2003-03(PP)
Public Health and Violence Prevention: Maintaining the Momentum Active 2003-05 (PP)
2003-03 (RES)
2003-04 (RES)
2003-05 (RES)
2003-06 (RES)
Trans Health Project Active 2003-06 (PP)
2003-07 (RES)


A Systemic Approach to Community Food Security: A Role for Public Health Active 2002-01(PP)
Development of National and Provincial Urban Health Strategies Active 2002-01(MT)
Ethical Research and Evidence-Based Practice for Lesbians and Gay Men Active 2002-01(RES)
International Law Active 2002-02(MT)
Laboratory Services Branch Staff Layoffs Active 2002-02(MT)


Continuation of Funding to Ensure Sustainable Heart Health Promotion Programming in Ontario Active 2001-01(RES)
Healthy Babies Healthy Children Funding Active 2001-01(MT)
Non-Essential Use of Chemical Pesticides on Public and Private Lands Active 2001-02(RES)
Protecting our Food Supply: Public Health Implications of Food Biotechnology Active 2001-01(PP)
Protecting our Food Supply: Public Health Implications of Food Biotechnology (Français) Active 2001-01(PP)


Comprehensive Approach to School-Based Health Promotion Active 2000-01(RES)
Improving the Access to and Quality of Public Health Services for Lesbians and Gay Men Active 2000-01(PP)
Position Paper & Resolution on Ontario Regulation 586/99 Amendments to the Ont. Food Premises Regulations Archived 2000-02(PP)


A Public Health Approach to Violence Prevention Archived 1999-01(PP)
Extending the Principles of the Canada Health Act to Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Services Active 1999-02(RES)
Health Impacts of Coal-Fired Generating Stations Active 1999-01(RES)


Early Postpartum Discharge — Supporting Documents Archived 1998-02(PP)


Child Poverty Archived 1997-03 (RES)
Early Postpartum Discharge Active 1997-02(RES)
Opposition to the Transfer of Public Health Funding to the Municipal Government Archived 1997-01(MT)
Violence: A Public Health Issue Archived 1997-01 (RES)


Health Impacts of Homelessness Archived 1996-04(RES)
Health Impacts of Workfare Archived 1996-03(RES)
Promoting Healthy Communities - a position paper on alcohol policy and public health Active 1996-01(PP)


Delivery of Health Promotion Programs in Ontario Active 1995-02(RES)
OPHA Endorsement of Food Security Goals Active 1995-04(RES)
OPHA Endorsement of Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion Active 1995-01(RES)
OPHA Participation in the Provincial Discussion Regarding Health Care Support Archived 1995-01(MT)
Public and Community Health Research for Health Promotion and Disease / Injury Prevention in Ontario Archived 1995-01 (PP)
Support of the Lung Association's Official Environmental Health Program in Air Quality Active 1995-05 (RES)
The Accelerated Phase-out of Persistent Toxic Substances Active 1995-03 (RES)


Ethnoracial Health Research and Data Collection Archived 1994-04(RES)
Female Genital Mutilation Archived 1994-05(RES)
Impact of the Social Contract on Public Health Sector Active 1994-01(RES)
Increase Taxes on Tobacco Products Archived 1994-03(RES)
Stricter Gun Control Regulation Archived 1994-06 (RES)
To Eliminate Environmental Tobacco Smoke From Workplaces and Public Places Archived 1994-02 (RES)


Breastfeeding Position Paper Archived 1993-01(PP)
Shaping the Shift to Community Health Active 1993-02 (PP)
1993-02 (RES)
Social Assistance Reform Archived 1993-01(RES)


AIDS and Health Promotion Archived 1992-03(RES)
Anti-Racist Health Archived 1992-07(RES)
Food Security Archived 1992-01 (RES)
Guaranteed Annual Income Archived 1992-06(RES)
Identification of a Probable Human Carcinogen N-Nitrosodimethlamine (NDMA), and exposure risk in foods Archived 1992-05(RES)
Literacy and Health Archived 1992-01(PP)
Partnership in Education and Health Archived 1992-04(RES)
Progressive Tax Reform Archived 1992-08(RES)
Regulation and Inspection of Water Slide Receiving Basins and Similar Forms of Wet Recreation Active 1992-09 (RES)
The Use of Multiple Strategies to Improve the Health of Communities Active 1992-02 (PP)
Youth Alienation Archived 1992-02(RES)


Confidentiality and Privacy for People Living with HIV/AIDS Archived 1991-04(RES)
Health Care Workers with HIV Archived 1991-03(RES)
Identification of Enforcement Issues Regarding Youth Tobacco Legislation Archived 1991-02(RES)
Implementation of Comprehensive Strategy to Control Youth Access to Tobacco Archived 1991-01(RES)
Sexual Abuse of Patients by Physicians Archived 1991-01(MT)


Domestic Violence Archived 1990-05(RES)
Financial Support for Primary Caregivers Archived 1990-06(RES)
Intervention Strategies for Preventing the Spread of HIV/AIDS Infection Archived 1990-02(RES)
Payment of HIV Therapies Archived 1990-03(RES)
Reclassification of AIDS and Quarantining Archived 1990-01(RES)
Role of Environmental Health Archived 1990-01(MT)
Sexual Orientation Discrimination, Homophobia and Violence Against Gay and Lesbian People Archived 1990-04(RES)


Access to Condoms and Clean Needles Archived 1989-02(RES)
Anonymous/Non-Nominal Testing for HIV Archived 1989-01(RES)
Community Research Archived 1988-01(RES)
Emergency Resolution - El Salvador Archived 1989-09(RES)
Funding for Community Health Promotion and Prevention Efforts Archived 1989-07(RES)
Funding for Contraceptive/Barrier Methods Archived 1989-05(RES)
Home Care Archived 1989-04(RES)
Personal Power of Attorney/Spouse Re-Defined Archived 1989-03(RES)
Support for Ontario Advocacy Coalition Statement of Principles Archived 1989-08(RES)
Therapeutic Abortion: Rights and Services Archived 1989-06(RES)


Adequate Resources for Revised Mandatory Programs Archived 1988-16(RES)
Ad-Hoc Legislative Review Committee Archived 1988-06(RES)
Alcohol Policy Framework Archived 1988-01(PP)
Balloon Release Archived 1988-05(RES)
Community-Managed Health Care System Archived 1988-14(RES)
Foodhandler Education Archived 1988-04(RES)
Health Care Needs of the Developmentally Disabled Archived 1988-19(RES)
Health Promotion Research Archived 1988-02(RES)
Health Status Information Archived 1988-15(RES)
Healthy Public Policy: A Framework Archived 1988-02(PP)
HIV Education for Educators and Care Providers Archived 1988-10(RES)
HIV Education Funding Archived 1988-07(RES)
HIV Research Funding Archived 1988-08(RES)
HIV Testing/Counseling Archived 1988-09(RES)
Implementation Strategy for Healthy Public Policy Archived 1988-13(RES)
Raising the Drinking Age Archived 1988-12(RES)
Regulation of Bill C-51: The Tobacco Products Control Act Archived 1988-18(RES)
Sale of Tobacco to Minors Archived 1988-17(RES)
Strengthening Community Health Archived 1988-03(PP)
Use of Locally Produced Foods by OPHA Archived 1988-03(RES)
Workplace HIV Education and Policies Archived 1988-11(RES)