Leadership Centre

Supporting leadership capacity building within Ontario.

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Enhancing leadership competencies, facilitating thoughtful discussion and examination of leadership issues for public health professionals.

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Community Food Advisor

Promoting safe and nutritious food selection, preparation and storage practices.

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Community Food Advisors work in their community to improve and promote safe and healthy food selection, preparation, and storage practices.

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Public Health and You

Your questions about public health answered...all in one place.

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Learn about why public health plays a vital role in ensuring the health of communities across Ontario!

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Ontario Public Health Association

Committed to improving the health of Ontarians.

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Since 1949, OPHA has served as a catalyst for development in the Public Health sector.

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Nutrition Resource Centre

Credible public health nutrition at your fingertips.

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Strengthening the capacity of health professionals across all care settings and in all communities across Ontario.

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News in Brief
We keep over 3,200 subscribers informed about the latest healthy eating and nutrition headlines, from Monday to Friday, through our free "News in Brief" service. There are two special features each week: What's Up Wednesday, where we put a spotlight on NRC news and upcoming events, and Feature Friday, where we include links to events and job postings submitted by our subscribers.

NRC Insider
We dive deeper into healthy eating and nutrition issues that our subscribers find important in our monthly NRC Insider. Each month, subscribers receive: 
  • The latest NRC news
  • Updates about changes or additions to the NRC Navigator
  • A monthly summary of recent nutrition-related headlines, including the highest-performing stories from our News in Brief
  • The latest evidence-informed research and reports in food, healthy eating and nutrition
  • New resources and tools that are available to support your work
  • Spotlight "Stories From the Field" that showcase work being done by our stakeholders, colleagues and partners
  • A listing of upcoming events
We welcome recommendations for articles, events, or resources to include in this publication. If you have an item that you’d like to submit, please contact us

The NRC houses a free, online tool called the NRC Navigator to build capacity among health promotion professionals working to enhance the nutritional well-being of Ontarians.
In building the NRC Navigator, the NRC focused on creating a “one-stop- shop” with evidence-informed, healthy eating and nutrition resources and tools and examples of best and promising practice health promotion programs and policies to support nutrition promotion and population health.

The NRC hosts a range of educational events throughout the year, including webinars and workshops on key topics in food, healthy eating and nutrition.

Every year, the NRC also hosts an annual Forum that explores the latest research, practices, and thinking on a hot, emerging issue. Our speakers and delegates include dietitians and nutrition professionals working in various settings, health promotion professionals, community partners and organizations, researchers, policy makers, students, and more. 

The NRC provides counsel and support to individuals and facilitated groups, including evidence-based content development/review, and strategies or referrals to enhance projects, programs and policy in Ontario. For more information about NRC’s consultation services, please visit this page or contact us

Healthy Kids Community Challenge


The Healthy Kids Community Challenge program is part of Ontario's Healthy Kids Strategy; a cross-government initiative to promote children's health. The Nutrition Resource Centre is one of four health promotion resource centres that provide capacity building and consultation support to local project managers, from the 45 communities participating in the Healthy Kids Community Challenge, as they plan, implement and evaluate healthy eating and active living activities. The Healthy Kids Resource Centres (HKRC) is comprised of HC Link (a collaboration of Health Nexus, Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition, and Parent Action on Drugs), Health Promotion Capacity Building (HPCB) at Public Health Ontario (PHO), the Nutrition Resource Centre (NRC) at the Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA), and the Physical Activity Resource Centre (PARC) at Ophea.

Working collaboratively with partners and stakeholders is at the core of what we do.  We believe open communication is vital to the success of our operations, so we are working to identify and connect with health promotion professionals working in public health, community health, and family health, as well as other community partners. 

The NRC meets regularly with the members of our Advisory Committee and Provincial Roundtable (in person and by phone) to gather input on our activities and plans. We are also using social media to extend our reach and learn more about our stakeholders and partners.  For more information about our Committee or Provincial Roundtable, please contact us.
The NRC also works with partners on things like communities of practice and the development of healthy eating and nutrition resources. For more information about these, please visit the pages linked above.