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The OPHA is a not‐for‐profit member‐based association that provides leadership in advancing public health in Ontario. Our Association represents six public and community health disciplines and our membership represents many public health and community health professionals from Ontario. To learn more about us, our structure, strategic direction, or membership, please visit the following links:

The OPHA provides leadership on issues affecting the public's health and works to strengthen the impact of people who are active in public and community health throughout Ontario. For more information, please visit the following pages:

The OPHA creates and maintains advocacy initiatives with a province-wide perspective. For more information, please visit the following pages:

This section includes the latest news about the OPHA and its programs, upcoming OPHA events, and other news of interest to the public health sector. For more information, please visit the following pages:

The OPHA leads the development of expertise in public and community health through collaboration, consultation and partnerships. Learn more about our Constituent Societies here.

The OPHA leads the development of expertise in public and community health through collaboration, consultation and partnerships. Learn more about our Constituent Societies here.

The OPHA Member’s Lounge is a dedicated space reserved for our OPHA members to store and access important information and exclusive resources. The Lounge includes the following:

Letters & Submissions

Letters & Submissions


Response to Bill 160, the Strengthening Quality and Accountability for Patients Act   01/04/2018
alPHa-OPHA Response to Report on Income Security   01/05/2018
Growing Demand for Placental Encapsulation Services in Ontario   01/08/2018
Food and Organic Waste Framework   01/15/2018
Ontario’s Approach to Climate Change Adaptation   01/19/2018
Cannabis OPHA Response to Federal Consultation   01/20/2018
OPHA’s Pre-Budget Submission   01/26/2018
OPHA Response to Cumulative Effects Assessment in Air Approvals   02/07/2018
#CycleON: Action Plan 2.0,   03/07/2018
Improving the Odds: Championing Health Equity in Ontario The 2016 Annual Report of Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health   03/08/2018
Welcome Letter to the New Minister of Health and Long-term Care   04/06/2018
Re: Canada Gazette, Part I, Vol. 152, No. 7 — February 17, 2018 Regulations Limiting Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Natural Gas-fired Generation of Electricity. Statutory authority Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999   04/17/2018
Re: Comments on the Canada Gazette Part I, Vol. 152, No. 7 — February 17, 2018, Regulations Amending the Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Coal-fired Generation of Electricity Regulations. Statutory authority Canadian Environmental Protectio   04/17/2018
Immunization Education – ISPA Immunization Education Module   05/03/2018
Capacity of Public Health to fulfill alcohol mandates in the absence of a provincial alcohol strategy   05/08/2018
Health Canada's consultation on amendments to the Food and Drug Regulations to restrict the amount of alcohol in single-serve highly sweetened alcoholic beverages   05/08/2018
Summary of Smoke-Free Ontario: The Next Chapter 2018   05/15/2018
Advocacy letter from Tri-alliance group on healthy eating   06/15/2018
Support for the Canadian Guidelines for Physical Activity throughout Pregnancy   07/13/2018
Comments on Health Canada’s proposed regulatory approach to restrict the amount of alcohol in single-serve highly sweetened alcoholic beverages   07/24/2018
Congratulatory Letter to Christine Elliott from OPHA   08/07/2018
Letter to Minister MacLeod on Basic Income   08/13/2018


Presentation to the Ontario Minister of Finance OPHA’s Pre-Budget Submission   01/09/2017
OPHA’s joint submission with alPHa on Ontario’s Basic Income Pilot   01/17/2017
Collaborative Public Health Technical Submission to Ontario’s Basic Income Pilot Project Consultation   01/17/2017
Measuring Community Health Outcomes for a Basic Income Pilot   01/17/2017
RE: Climate Change Action Plan 2016-2020   01/19/2017
Letter to Minister Hoskins re LHIN Objects on Health Promotion and Health Equity   03/08/2017
Naturally Resilient: MNRF Natural Resource Climate Adaptation Strategy   03/13/2017
Student Well-Being Community Engagement   03/17/2017
Discussion of Federal Task Force Recommendations on Cannabis Legalization   03/27/2017
OPHA’s Response to the Minister of Children and Youth’s Consultations on the Middle Years   03/27/2017
2017 Standards for Public Health Programs and Services Consultation Document   04/21/2017
Submission to the Population and Public Health Division, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care on the 2017 Standards for Public Health Programs and Services Consultation Document   04/27/2017
Next Agricultural Policy Framework   05/04/2017
Launch of Ontario’s Basic Income Pilot   05/04/2017
2015 CMOH Annual Report - Mapping Wellness: Ontario’s Route to Healthier Communities   05/10/2017
Product launch and promotion of Freedom 35 beer, featuring the Trailer Park Boys   05/29/2017
Provincial Implications of the Federal Cannabis Act (Bill C-45)   05/31/2017
Ontario’s First Food Security Strategy   05/31/2017
Feedback on the Ministry’s Accountability Framework and Organizational Requirements Consultation Document   06/09/2017
Budget Implementation Act, Bill C-44, Re: Excess Duty Rates, Alcohol   06/21/2017
Amendments to Ontario Regulation 153/04 (Record of Site Condition) and Excess Soil Management Regulatory Proposal   06/23/2017
alPHa-OPHA Response to Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy Consultation   06/28/2017
alPHa-OPHA Bill 148 Submission The Fair Workplaces - Better Jobs Act   07/18/2017
Comments on Discussion Paper – Addressing Food and Organic Waste in Ontario   07/31/2017
Comments for Addressing Food and Organic Waste in Ontario from OPHA, DC, & OSNPPH   07/31/2017
Proposed Changes to Ontario’s Building Code   09/25/2017
A Food Policy for Canada   09/30/2017
OPHA’s Response to the Expert Panel’s Report on Public Health   10/31/2017
OPHA’s response to Bill 148, The Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017   11/03/2017
Joint letter to Sounds of the Season Food Drive   11/06/2017
Response to the MOHLTC’s Proposed Amendments to the Regulations Made Under the Health Protection and Promotion Act (HPPA)   11/08/2017
Metrolinx’s Draft 2041 Regional Transportation Plan: For the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area   11/17/2017
Presentation on Bill 174, Cannabis, Smoke-Free Ontario and Road Safety Statute Law Amendment Act, 2017 to the Standing Committee on Justice of the Ontario Legislature   11/30/2017
Re: Ministerial Advisory Committee on Poverty   12/01/2017
Response for Regulatory Amendments Related to Air Emissions of Sulphur Dioxide and Other Items   12/11/2017
Regulatory Amendments Related to Air Emissions of Sulphur Dioxide and Other Items   12/11/2017
OPHA Response to Qualifications for Public Health Professionals   12/20/2017


Presentation to the Ontario Minister of Finance - OPHA’s Pre-Budget Statement   01/12/2016
Pre-Budget Consultation 2016 - Reproductive Health   02/02/2016
Response top Proposed Regulation - Healthy Menu Choices Act 2015   02/12/2016
Ontario Public Health Association Response – Healthy Menu Choices Act, 2015   02/12/2016
OPHA's Comments on Guideline for the Implementation of Air Standards   02/16/2016
Letter of Support to OSNPPH Position Statement on Responses to Food Insecurity   02/18/2016
Making Healthy Impacts Part of Federal Infrastructure Funds   02/19/2016
Response to Patients First: A Proposal to Strengthen Patient-Centred Health Care in Ontario   02/29/2016
Consistent Application and Enforcement of Sandy’s Law   06/22/2016
Letter to Ministry of Finance on provincial increases to alcohol pricing   07/20/2016
OPHA-alPHa letter to Premier Wynne on Truth and Reconciliation   08/02/2016
Input on OMAFRA’s Draft Local Food Access Goals   08/03/2016
Joint Response Letter for Proposed Amendments under the Making Healthy Menu Choices Act   08/04/2016
OPHA Letter on Plain Packaging for Tobacco   08/31/2016
Letter to Minister re Health Promotion and the LHINs   09/27/2016
OPHA’s Proposed Submission on Coordinated land Use Review 2016   10/31/2016
Bill 41, Patients First - Presentation to Ontario’s Standing Committee on the Legislative Assembly   11/22/2016
Re: A Call for Comments on the Ministry of Transportation’s Discussion Paper for the Next Regional Transportation Plan   11/30/2016
Re: Comments on EBR Registry Number: 012-8772, MTO Discussion Paper on Cycling Initiatives under the Climate Change Action Plan   11/30/2016
Climate Change Action Plan: Transportation Sector Discussion Paper Cycling: OPHA’s Comments   11/30/2016
RE: Canada’s Food Guide Consultation – Phase 1   12/08/2016
Opportunities to Modernize the Built Environment Language in the Ontario Public Health Standards   12/16/2016
Consultation on Role of the Ontario Municipal Board in Ontario’s Land Use Planning System   12/19/2016
OPHA's Proposed Amendments to the Ontario Building Code   12/20/2016


OPHA's Feedback on OMAFRA's Proposed Food Literacy Goals   01/15/2015
Comments on Proposed Ontario Drinking Water Quality Standards   02/13/2015
OPHA's 2015 Pre-Budget Submission   02/13/2015
2015 Pre-Budget Submission to Ontario’s Minister of Finance   02/13/2015
Letter to Food Banks Canada Regarding Partnering with Formula Companies   02/25/2015
Response to the Ministry of Transportation’s Online Questionnaire Concerning Speed Limits on Urban Roads   02/27/2015
OPHA Submission on Ontario's Climate Change Plan   03/28/2015
Presentation to the Ontario Legislature’s Standing Committee on Social Policy   03/31/2015
OPHA Submission on Making Healthier Choices Act   04/21/2015
Feedback for the 2010 Operating Procedures for Non-Regulated Recreational Water Facilities Guidance Document   04/30/2015
OPHA's Feedback on the Child Care and Early Years Act   05/11/2015
RE: VQA Wines at Farmers’ Markets   05/27/2015
Submission for the Co-ordinated Plan Review (Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe; Greenbelt Plan; Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan; Niagara Escarpment Plan)   05/28/2015
Affordable Housing Strategy Submission   07/03/2015
OPHA's Consultation Letter to MOHLTC on Healthy Menu Choices Act   08/25/2015
Response to the Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure's "Moving Ontario Forward - Outside the GTHA"   09/17/2015
Green City: Why Nature Matters to Health   09/22/2015
Presentation to the Ontario Legislature’s Standing Committee on the Environmental Protection Act (Ending Coal for Cleaner Air Act)   10/07/2015
Ontario Regulations under the Healthy Menu Choices Act, 2015: A Consultation Draft   10/26/2015
Submission to the Province of Ontario’s Municipal Legislation Review   10/30/2015
Feedback for Bill 73, Smart Growth for Our Communities Act, 2015   11/09/2015
OPHA Comments – Cap and Trade Program Design Options   12/15/2015


Response to Ontario's Development Charges Act Consultation Paper   01/20/2014
Endorsement of Action on Smoking in Movies   02/28/2014
Submission to the Ministry of the Attorney General: Proposed regulatory amendments to the Liquor Licence Act   03/21/2014
Response to Bill 173 Highway Traffic Act (Keeping Ontarios Roads Safe)   05/01/2014
Canada Gazette Part 1, Posted May 10, 2014, Proposed Regulation: Potable Water on Board Trains, Vessels, Aircrafts and Buses Regulation   07/09/2014
Toxic Partners Letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne   08/19/2014
Draft Ontario Traffic Manual Book 15 on Pedestrian Crossing Treatments   09/03/2014
Supporting Cycling Skills Training   10/31/2014
Development of the Ontario Municipal Cycling Infrastructure Program   10/31/2014
Oral/Dental Public Health Workforce Study   11/20/2014
Re: Proposed regulatory changes to reduce emissions from on-road vehicles and fuels   12/01/2014


Letter recommending to examine the evidence surrounding physiological birth and develop and implement best practices for birth across Ontario   02/28/2013
alPHa-OPHA Health Equity Workgroup submits feedback on “Brighter Prospects: Transforming Social Assistance in Ontario”   04/26/2013
Cover letter to support the development of the proposed SmartMOMs Canada app   09/04/2013
Support letter to the development of the proposed SmartMOMs Canada app   09/04/2013
Changes to the coordination of the Colour It Up program   09/30/2013
Changes to the coordination of the Eat Smart!® program   09/30/2013
Changes to the coordination of the NutriSTEP® program   09/30/2013
Response to the Article "What to really expect: An economist examines the evidence and finds a lot of pregnancy advice is just plain wrong"   10/02/2013
aLPHa/OPHA Response to Ontario Poverty Reduction Strategy Consultation   10/10/2013
Submission to the Minimum Wage Advisory Panel   10/17/2013
Feedback for Public Consultation on Caesarean Section Rate Review: An Evidence Based Analysis   10/24/2013
Response to Ontario’s Education Strategy: “From Great to Excellent”   12/02/2013


OPHA response to Arlene King’s 2009 Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH) Annual Report   03/08/2012
alPHa & OPHA submits a joint response to the Commission for the Review of Social Assistance   03/16/2012


EBR Registry Number 011 – 1191: Amendments to Ontario Regulation 455/09 to extend the date for Phase 1 toxic substance reduction plans by one year and address requirements to "toxic substance reduction planners"   01/14/2011


Letter reaffirming OPHA's position against privatizing the LCBO   01/29/2010
Support for one of the objectives of Health Canada's Think Tank on Discretionary Fortification in which OPHA participated   03/02/2010
OPHA responds to recently released 2009 Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH) Annual Report   03/08/2010
Factors to consider in the internal review of the cost of the Special Diet Allowance (SDA). Letter to Premier McGuinty.   03/22/2010
OPHA supports OSNPPH urging revisions to the Nutrition Section in the Day Nurseries Act (DNA)   03/22/2010
Supporting Letter re the continued, compulsory pasturization and raw milk ruling on Regina vs. Michael Schmidt   03/22/2010
Joint Letter with alPHa re social assistance and health as part of Ontario's Poverty Reduction Strategy: Breaking the Cycle [PDF] (March 23, 2010)   03/23/2010
Letter to Minister of Health urging regulation of industry-generated trans fats. OPHA Food Security Workgroup   03/25/2010
SDOH WG Letter of Introduction to Minister Broten Joint Working Group on the Social Determinants of Health   04/12/2010
Support letter to Department of Justice to bring in Random Breath Testing in drinking driving legislation (May 4, 2010)   05/04/2010
Support letter for the application of the Healthy Communities Stream to support a scaling up strategy for the Community Food Centre model   05/10/2010
Support Letter regarding the Ontario Health and Physical Education (H&PE) Curriculum for Grades 1-8. (May 10, 2010)   05/10/2010
Alcohol Retail Monopolies and Privatization of Retail Sales Backgrounder on the privatization of the LCBO   05/14/2010
OPHA comments on EBR 010-9349 supporting amendment to Regulation 455/09 - strong licencing for toxic reduction planners Toxic Reduction Act   05/17/2010
Support letter encouraging the government to move forward on the Panorama project   06/22/2010
OPHA expresses grave concern on potential elimination of the mandatory Long Form Census   07/01/2010
Support letter for the continued improvement of the Great Lakes Indicators   07/07/2010
Follow-up Letter to Premier McGuinty re Special Diet Allowance (SDA) program being replaced by Nutritional Supplement Program   08/23/2010
OPHA offers comments on the Review of Provincial Policy Statement, 2005 - EBR 010-9766   08/25/2010
OPHA offers comments on the Review of Provincial Policy Statement, 2005 - Cover Letter   08/25/2010
OPHA offers input into the proposed legislative changes being recommended by The H1N1 Pandemic – How Ontario Fared report by Dr. Arlene King   09/13/2010
Letter re Protecting Ontario’s alcohol and public health policies in negotiations on the proposed Canada-EU treaty   09/22/2010
Amendment of Private Members Bill C-289 - including snow sport helmets into the Hazardous Product Act   10/15/2010
OPHA supports implementing the comprehensive set of recommendations put forward in the report, Building on Our Gains, Taking Action Now: Ontario’s Tobacco Control Strategy for 2011 – 2016   10/28/2010
OPHA congratulates the Ministry of Health on their report, Curbing Childhood Obesity: A Federal, Provincial and Territorial Framework for Action to Promote Healthy Weights   11/09/2010


Letter reaffirming OPHA's position against privatizing the LCBO   01/29/2009
OPHA encourages Federal government support for gun control Bill C-68   02/13/2009
Letter to SOGC in support of a National Strategy for Breastfeeding   02/19/2009
Letter of Support re Zero Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Levels for all drivers until they reach 22 years of age [PDF] (February 19, 2009)   02/19/2009
Supporting Letter to Minister Prentice re the government's commitment to the reduction of global mercury pollution   03/09/2009
Letter to SOGC to support Joint Policy Statement on Normal Childbirth   04/17/2009
Letter to RNAO to support the development of a “Safe Sleep Practices for Infants” Best Practice Guideline [PDF] (April 22, 2009)   04/22/2009
Supporting Letter to Minister Caplan re Toronto Public Health’s Food Safety in Toronto and Foodborne Illnesses in Toronto reports [PDF] (May 15, 2009)   05/15/2009
Letter to Infant Feeding Survey Collaborative to support funding for the survey   05/26/2009
Supporting Letter to Premier McGuinty re Smoke-Free Ontario Act and Strategy (SFOS)   06/05/2009
OPHA's Letter of Support for Food Share's Good Food Café, Good Food Café Cart, and Good Food Market Garden programs   07/14/2009
Supporting Letter re Ontario regulation made under the Toxic Reduction Act (EBR Registry 010-7792)   10/28/2009
Letter to Premier McGuinty re the findings of the 2009 Nutritious Food Basket (NFB) reports and the risks of poverty and food insecurity   11/18/2009


Supporting Letter for EBR Posting 010-2248 — Ban on Cosmetic Use of Pesticides   02/15/2008
OPHA Submission to the Review of the Roots of Youth Violence   02/21/2008
Letter to Premier McGuinty re banning commercial advertising of food and beverages to children under the age of 13   04/09/2008
Letter to Minister of Child and Youth Services re: poverty reduction initiative   05/13/2008
Letter to Premier McGuinty re Deliberations on Restricting Cell Phone Usage in Automobiles   06/12/2008
Letter to Minister Tony Clement, commenting on various aspects of the report submitted to Health Canada by Dr. Kellie Leitch, Reaching for the Top: A Report by the Advisor on Healthy Children and Youth   06/18/2008
Letter welcoming Minister Kaplan to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care   07/16/2008
Letter supporting the revision of the Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program rates to reflect actual living costs   07/22/2008
Letter about Discretionary Fortification   07/24/2008
OPHA's input re the Review of the Personal Health Information Protection Act 2004   08/25/2008
OPHA Responds to the consultation on proposed reforms to the Liquor Licence Act – Special Occasion Permits (SOPs)   09/30/2008
Creating Ontario’s Toxics Reductions Strategy – Discussion Paper [EBR 010-4374]   10/11/2008
Letter re Special Dietary Allowance Report   10/14/2008
Supporting Letter for Metrolinx's Draft Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and Investment Strategy   11/12/2008
Supporting Letter re EBR 010-5080 implementation of the Cosmetic Pesticides Ban Act, 2008   12/18/2008
OPHA requests the Federal government to consider Keynesian strategies for economic stimulus   12/23/2008


Letter re: development of a regulation on source protection committees made under the Clean Water Act, 2006   01/26/2007
Letter to Health Minister George Smitherman re: SARS Commission final report   02/09/2007
Letter to MPP Shelley Martel re: support and promotion of breastfeeding   02/13/2007
OPHA's support for a Call to Action on Climate Change and Clean Air   02/19/2007
OPHA's response to the consultation on proposed reforms to the Liquor Licence Act   03/21/2007
OPHA's submission re: Bill 171, Health Systems Improvement Act, 2007   04/24/2007
Letter to Medical Officers of Health re: Diversity Competent Public Health Professionals Resolution   05/18/2007
OPHA Submission to Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights (SSCHR) re: Physical punishment of children   05/31/2007
OPHA's support letter re proposed legislative reforms to alcohol- and drug-impaired driving   06/20/2007
OPHA Response "Reducing Alcohol-Related Harm in Canada: Toward a Culture of Moderation. Recommendations for a National Alcohol Strategy"   08/20/2007
OPHA comments on the Classification Harmonization of Domestic Class Pesticides   09/14/2007
Letter to Premier Dalton McGuinty re: new dental health program   12/21/2007


OPHA provides input on the proposed Clean Water Act, 2005I   02/02/2006
OPHA Responds to Proposed Review of the Provincial Liquor Licence Act (LLA)   02/23/2006
Letter to Hospital for Sick Children re: Nestlé Sponsorship   03/09/2006
The OPHA Violence Prevention Workgroup requests that violence prevention be included within the scope of the MHPSG review [PDF], Letter to Minister Jim Watson   03/17/2006
OPHA supports the Sherbourne Health Centre’s proposal for an Ontario Rainbow Health Resource Centre   03/22/2006
Letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper re National Child Care Funding   04/18/2006
OPHA expresses support for the principles, goals, and priorities outlined in the National Framework for Action to Reduce the Harms Associated with Alcohol and Other Drugs and Substances in Canada   05/06/2006
OPHA joins with other professional organizations in endorsing the Capacity Review Committee Report's recommendations   05/17/2006
OPHA opposes the government's proposal to open 20 additional Agency Stores   06/02/2006
Breastfeeding Support offered to Emergency Management Unit   06/06/2006
OPHA urges Minister Smitherman to adopt the recommendations in the Capacity Review Committee's Report   06/06/2006
School Buses, Air Pollution and Children's Health   08/10/2006
OPHA commends Minister Watson on Ontario's Action Plan for Healthy Eating and Active Living (HEAL)   08/10/2006
Letter to Ontario Ombudsman re low social assistance rate   08/30/2006
OPHA-CEPA Submission Letter to Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development   09/17/2006
OPHA Submission letter to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) Parliamentary Review   09/17/2006
Letter to Minister of Energy Dwight Duncan on electricity supply   09/25/2006
OPHA-CEPA Submission   09/30/2006
Letter in response to Ontario Maternity Care Expert Panel's report   11/10/2006
Letter in support of Human Milk Bank Initiative   11/16/2006
Letter to the Editor, Chatelaine magazine re: Breastfeeding Sucks   11/16/2006
Letter to Canadian Paediatric Society re: breastfeeding and dehydration   11/16/2006
Letter to U.S. Trade Representative and European Commissioner for Trade re: "plurilateral" GATS request on alcohol distribution services   11/28/2006
Letter to Premier Dalton McGuinty re: the sale and distribution of unpasteurized milk   12/11/2006
Letter to the College of Nurses of Ontario re: breastfeeding promotion   12/12/2006
Letter to Premier Dalton McGuinty re: amending the Off Road Vehicle Act   12/13/2006
Letter to Boards of Health and Public Health Units re: amending the Off Road Vehicle Act   12/13/2006
Letter to Minister of Transportation Donna Cansfield re: amending the Highway Traffic Act   12/13/2006
Healthy Schools Challenge to Engage the Creativity of Students: The Ontario Healthy Schools Coalition congratulates the Ministries of Health Promotion and Education on the new Healthy Schools Challenge   12/15/2006
Letter to Health Minister George Smitherman re: Health System Improvements Act   12/29/2006


Privatization: Mortgaging public health for cash   01/21/2005
Plant Breeders’ Rights: Support for farmers to control their own seeds   02/09/2005
Accompanying Letter for Submission re Bill C-206: an act that would amend alcoholic beverage warning labels   02/25/2005
Study finds children may be exposed to polluted air on school buses, Hanif Kassam, MD, Liana Nolan, MD, Kim Perrotta (feature article in OHPE Bulletin)   03/01/2005
OPHA commends Dr. Basrur's support of Equal Access Standards being a part of the Mandatory Health Programs and Services Guidelines (MHPSG) review   03/14/2005
National Child Benefit Clawback   05/05/2005
OPHA commends Minister Smitherman on Healthy Weights, Healthy Lives   05/06/2005
CPHA assesses Health Canada as a "business"   05/11/2005
Children's Environmental Health   05/12/2005
Environmental Health Capacity   05/13/2005
Telehealth Ontario protocols for breastfeeding   05/16/2005
OPHA responds to the Notice of Proposal for Regulation respecting the Local Air Quality Framework [PDF] (May 31, 2005)   05/31/2005
Letter to Dr. Basrur re cuts to Child Health programs   06/01/2005
Interior Lead Dust Standards   06/14/2005
Letter to the Editor: Fat is the new tobacco: Obesity fight top priority of new Ontario Minister   07/15/2005
OPHA supports the development of a provincial injury prevention strategy   08/15/2005
Support for Student Nourishment Program Community Partners Program   11/04/2005
Coalition of health organizations encourages inclusion in future alcohol-related rules and regulations   11/24/2005
Healthy Weights, Healthy Lives support letter   12/02/2005


Healthier Beverage Choices in Schools   01/06/2004
Energy Efficiency, Shared Savings Mechanisms & Public Health   01/22/2004
The potential sale of the LCBO   02/04/2004
Ontario Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance letter to Ontario Minister of Health and Long-Term Care   02/09/2004
Ontario Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance letter to Minister of State (Public Health)   02/09/2004
Letter to Minister Smitherman re: Healthy Babies Healthy Children Program and Breastfeeding Supports   03/10/2004
National Framework for Petroleum Refinery Emission Reductions   03/12/2004
Ontario's Energy Future Should be Sustainable   03/18/2004
Letter to Minister of State (Public Health) re Alcohol and Illness   03/25/2004
OPHA's Response to the Canada Health Protection Act - A Proposal to Renew Federal Health Protection Legislation   03/29/2004
Letter to Minister Pettigrew re: Concerns regarding the Safety of and Informed Consent used in the TRIGR Study   04/23/2004
Implementation of Toronto's Pesticide By-law   05/14/2004
Egale Saddened By Ont. Decision To Kill Funding For Sex Reassignment Surgery   05/28/2004
Choose a Cost Effective & Low Impact Future for Ontario's Electrical Sector   06/04/2004
Building Environmental Health Capacity Within Public Health   06/25/2004
School Meal Funding- Children's Breakfast Programs   06/28/2004
CPHA Fact Sheet referred to in letter: “What is Public Health?” produced by Canadian Public Health Association   07/01/2004
Letter to Dr. Basrur in response to Operation Health Protection Report   07/07/2004
Letter to the Premier: First Ministers' Health Summit   07/20/2004
Response to the Request for Public Comments Related to the Planning Reform Initiative   07/28/2004
Letter to Minister Pettigrew re: National Breastfeeding Strategy   08/10/2004
Draft Nutrition Recommendations for Canadians   08/10/2004
Ontario's Industry Emissions Reduction Plan   08/24/2004
Letter of Support: Canadian Child Care Federation   09/10/2004
Designation of Streetcar Lanes for St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto   09/24/2004
Local Air Quality Standards   10/18/2004
OPHA's Response to Saturday Night Magazine article “Hard to Swallow” by Philip Preville   11/29/2004
Letter to Member of Provincial Parliament - Public health imperatives support rejection of LCBO privatization proposals   12/15/2004


The Expansion of the National Children's Agenda   01/21/2003
National budget to support Canada's ratification of the Kyoto Protocol   02/12/2003
The Discussion Paper on Ontario's Clean Air Plan for Industry (CAPI)   02/19/2003
The Impact of International Trade Negotiations on Alcohol Controls   02/20/2003
2002 Progress Report on activities under the 1991 Canada-United States Air Quality Agreement   02/25/2003
The Development of Canada's National Plan of Action for Children   02/26/2003
OPHA signed on to the following Open Letter on the establishment of a National Health Council [PDF] (May, 2003)   05/01/2003
Pan-Canadian Healthy Living Strategy   07/29/2003
2003 Ministers of Health Meeting   08/22/2003
Public health issues involving alcohol in GATS and FTAA treaty negotiations   09/03/2003
Reducing the Level of Sulphur in Canadian Off-Road Diesel Fuel   09/19/2003
Phasing Out Coal Fired Power Plants   10/15/2003
Welcome Letter to George Smitherman, Ontario's new Minister of Health and Long-Term Care   10/23/2003
Community Use of School Facilities   11/06/2003
OPHA signed on to the following letter: Removal of the electricity rate cap for residential and small business consumers   11/07/2003
Healthier Food Choices in Schools   11/26/2003


Investing in disease prevention and health promotion   03/04/2002
Report of the Walkerton Inquiry   03/21/2002
The Community Care Act: Submission to the Romanow Commission by the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO)   05/08/2002
The Ontario Tobacco Strategy   06/24/2002
Nestlé Sponsorship of the Canadian Institute of Child Health (CICH)   08/07/2002
Strategy for Safe Drinking Water: re Part 2 of the Walkerton Inquiry   08/29/2002
The Kyoto Accord   09/27/2002
Alternative Fuel Sources   09/27/2002
Funding for Local Boards of Health   10/04/2002
Joint letter on the process of Five Mandatory Health Programs review   10/28/2002
Recommendations of the Canadian Advocates for Nutrition & Physical Activity Policy   11/06/2002
Letter to Senator Kirby re: his Support of Public Health   11/06/2002
Beyond Coal: Phase out coal-fired power plants   11/14/2002
The Proposed Safe Drinking Water Act [PDF] EBR Registry Number AA02E0002   11/28/2002
OPHA supports the Romanow Report   12/09/2002
The Legal Alcohol Limit in the Criminal Code of Canada   12/16/2002


Termination of the Ontario Heart Health Program   11/21/2001
Healthy Babies Healthy Children Funding   11/21/2001
Ministry of Health Laboratory Services Branch Staff Layoffs   11/30/2001
Funding for Child-Care Programs   12/11/2001